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Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2087Cmemorial; American Revolution; patriots' plaque
HB2101Celectric energy; reliability; public policy
HB2113Cdevelopmental disabilities; Down syndrome
HB2115Celectronic devices; filters; harmful material
HB2185CSTOs; ESAs; assessments; accountability
HB2197Cmedical examiner; pathologist assistant; autopsies
HB2300P*education programs; county jails
HB2301P*mandatory minimum sentences; judicial discretion
HB2396Cappropriations; greater Arizona transportation projects
HB2400CTPT; exemption; agricultural equipment
HB2449Ccare facilities; clergy visitation
HB2451Cchild care; staff ratios
HB2528Carea agencies on aging; appropriation
HB2532Ctribally accredited educational institution; plates
HB2533Ctribal college dual enrollment program.
HB2539P*nonnative species eradication; projects; appropriation
HB2606P*school districts; housing facilities; teachers
HB2607P*appropriation; STEM; learning; workforce development
HB2615Cyouth music and art special plates
HB2629Cproperty tax liens; expiration dates
HB2636Cappropriation; retention; certified peace officers
HB2638Ccurriculum; Asian American Pacific Islanders
HB2639CAsian American; Pacific Islander month
HB2649Cconcurrent jurisdiction; Yuma proving ground
HB2651Cappropriation; Cesar Chavez Boulevard.
HB2691Chealth care workforce; grant programs
HB2696Cmandatory sentences; children; trafficking; smuggling
HB2798P*voter registration; social security list
HB2799P*school districts; housing
HCM2003CIndian boarding schools; urging investigation.
HCM2009Cdepartment of agriculture; additional offices
HCR2015Cinitiatives; supermajority vote; requirement
HCR2040COlivia Cajero Bedford; death resolution
HCR2042Cdeath resolution; Jimmie Muñoz, Sr.
SB1192Cappropriation; Interstate 10; vehicle lanes