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Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2010P*first responder flags; homeowners' associations
(NOW: flags; homeowners' associations)
HB2011P*parental consent; student groups; sexuality
HB2012P*county improvement districts; formation
HB2013P*coercion; theft by extortion
HB2014P*safety features; autonomous vehicles; prohibitions
(NOW: autonomous vehicles; safety features; prohibitions)
HB2015P*police; camera recordings; required redactions
HB2016P*residential picketing; offense
HB2023Celectronic ballot images; public record
HB2030P*state hospital; procurement; overtime
HB2032P*criminal damage; monuments; memorials; classification
HB2070P*open meetings; capacity; posting; violation
HB2081P*law enforcement video recordings; redactions
(NOW: risk management; liability; state agencies)
HB2101Celectric energy; reliability; public policy
HB2102Csurvival of action; deceased sheriff
(NOW: DNA collection; felony arrests; expungement)
HB2131P*HOAs; artificial grass ban prohibited
(NOW: artificial grass ban prohibited; HOAs)
HB2132P*minimum balance notification; victim fund
HB2133P*criminal justice monies; penalty assessments.
HB2147Cstate agencies; veterans status; inquiry
HB2148Cpost-traumatic stress injury day
HB2149Chomeowners' associations; military flags
HB2151P*land division; acting in concert
HB2152P*residential contractors' recovery fund; eligibility
HB2153P*interlock restricted licenses; violations; reporting
HB2154P*health care liens; fees; exemption
HB2158P*homeowners' associations; political; community activity
HB2159P*law enforcement officers; polygraph; examinations
HB2170P*election mailings; third-party disclosures
HB2224Ccat declawing; prohibition; exceptions
HB2236Cvoter registration; request required
HB2237Csame day voter registration; prohibition
HB2238Cballot drop boxes; prohibition
HB2239Celectronic ballot adjudication; prohibition
HB2240Celections; voting centers prohibited
HB2241Cearly ballot drop off; identification
HB2242Cvoter registrations; validation requirement
HB2243Cvoter registration; state residency; cancellation
HB2314P*public schools; restrooms; reasonable accommodations
HB2315P*schools; materials; posting required
HB2316P*misconduct involving weapons; public places
HB2317P*appropriation; border fence construction
(NOW: revenue distribution; border security)
HB2318P*adopted local budgets; amendments
HB2319P*law enforcement activity; recording prohibition
HB2320P*veterans' organization; leased property; classification
HB2321P*short-term rentals; property classification
HB2322P*hazing; hazing paraphernalia; offense
(NOW: hazing; classification; offense)
HB2323P*homeowner's insurance; dogs; nondiscrimination
HB2324P*animal fighting; cockfighting; minors presence
HB2325P*schools; instruction; 9/11 education day
HB2326P*criminal justice data collection
HB2353P*state department of corrections; website
HB2370Cschools; materials; activities; posting; review.
HB2452Cantidiscrimination; employment; vaccination status
HB2453Cgovernmental entities; mask requirement; prohibition
HB2454Cstatutory conformity; property tax exemptions
HB2455Cincorporation; urban areas
HB2472Cbusinesses; firearms; unlawful acts
HB2473Cfirearms; contracts; prohibited practices
HB2474Crefusing treatment; right; requirements
HB2475Cemployers; COVID-19 vaccine mandate; prohibition
HB2478Cillegally paid public monies; recovery
HB2480Cvehicle serial numbers; removal; restoration
HB2496Cstudent activity fees; conscience exemption
HB2497Cincome tax; rates; reduction
HB2506Cappropriation; immigration enforcement; reimbursement; fund
HB2507Creligious services; essential services
HB2508P*occupational safety; violations; penalties
HB2583P*DUI information; annual report; ACJC
(NOW: DUI; data collection; study committee)
HB2597Cschools; pledge; quiet reflection
HB2601P*kratom products; definitions
HB2611Cvaccinations; masks; requirements; enforcement prohibition
HB2613CADOT dynamic message signs
HB2614Cschools; communications; public receipt option
HB2615Cyouth music and art special plates
HB2616Cmask mandates; minors; parental consent
HB2617Cvoter registration; cancellations; causes
HB2626P*animal handling; microchip scan
HB2632Ccivics test; passing score
HB2633Chospitalizations; family visitation
HB2635Chealth care workers; assault; prevention
(NOW: breast implant surgery; informed consent)
HB2637Cdivestment; K-12; abortion; explicit material
(NOW: government investments; products; fiduciaries; plans)
HB2638Ccurriculum; Asian American Pacific Islanders
HB2639CAsian American; Pacific Islander month
HB2663P*short-term rentals; vacation rentals; licensing
HB2696Cmandatory sentences; children; trafficking; smuggling
HB2703Cauditor general; audits; county elections
(NOW: secure online signature collection)
HB2710P*registrations; counting procedures; observers; verification
HB2721P*law enforcement officers: AZPOST
HB2777Celections; auditor general; attorney general
HB2778Celectronic registration information center; prohibition
HB2780P*voter lists; images; voting records
(NOW: voting; images; records; contests; audits)
HB2783Celection law violations; procedures manual
HB2786Cvoter registrations; ballot requests; source
(NOW: voting; registration; drop boxes; prohibition)
HB2787CMaricopa county; division; new counties
HB2789CArizona trail; fund; purpose
HB2853CArizona empowerment scholarship accounts; appropriation
HB2854CK-12; school finance; weights
HCR2015Cinitiatives; supermajority vote; requirement
HCR2017Cconstitutional property tax exemptions; consolidation
HCR2018Cjudges; merit selection; population
HCR2025Cgovernment-issued voter identification
(NOW: voter identification; voting)
HCR2028Cminimum law enforcement expenditure amount
HCR2032P*pandemic emergencies; special sessions
HCR2040COlivia Cajero Bedford; death resolution
HR2002CFisher house; service members; supporting
SB1159Cteacher certification; leadership preparation programs
SB1164Cabortion; gestational age; limit
SB1165Cinterscholastic; intramural athletics; biological sex
SB1211Cschools; materials; activities; posting; review
(NOW: materials; activities; review; posting; schools)
SB1245Ctobacco; vapor; alternative nicotine; regulation