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Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2021Cdrug offenses; homicide; sentencing
HB2038P*state lake improvement fund
HB2041P*ballot fraud countermeasures; paper; ink
HB2043Cemployer liability; COVID-19 vaccine requirement
HB2044P*juvenile dependency; state aid; appropriation
HB2079Ccounties; precinct size; maximum
HB2080Chand count; electronic tabulation verification
HB2105P*technical correction; tax refund account
HB2106P*unlawful disclosure; images; definitions
HB2107P*emergency powers; business closure; repeal.
HB2108P*taxi drivers; sex offenders prohibited
HB2109P*election celebration day
HB2145Cgovernmental entities; ransomware payment; prohibition
HB2146Cdata security breach; notification
HB2219P*income tax review committee; report
HB2220P*event wagering; fantasy sports; fees.
HB2242Cvoter registrations; validation requirement
HB2243Cvoter registration; state residency; cancellation
HB2255P*fireworks; permissible use; Diwali.
HB2315Cschools; materials; posting required
HB2316Cmisconduct involving weapons; public places
HB2354P*tuition; family; post-traumatic stress; suicide
HB2355P*second degree murder; sentencing
HB2356P*employers; businesses; COVID-19 vaccine record
HB2357P*election board clerks; party affiliation
HB2358P*sexual assault survivor rights
HB2396Cappropriations; greater Arizona transportation projects
HB2413Cjurors; peremptory challenges
HB2414Cmisconduct involving weapons; school grounds
HB2439Cschool library books; parental review
(NOW: school library; review; policy)
HB2447Cfirearms; universities; community colleges; campus
HB2449Ccare facilities; clergy visitation
HB2452Cantidiscrimination; employment; vaccination status
HB2453Cgovernmental entities; mask requirement; prohibition
HB2454Cstatutory conformity; property tax exemptions
HB2455Cincorporation; urban areas
HB2456P*appropriation; rural interoperability communication system
(NOW: event wagering; temporary sports facility)
HB2472Cbusinesses; firearms; unlawful acts
HB2473Cfirearms; contracts; prohibited practices
HB2474Crefusing treatment; right; requirements
HB2475Cemployers; COVID-19 vaccine mandate; prohibition
HB2483Cabortion; fetal heartbeat; civil action..
HB2488CUyghurs; forced labor; contracts; prohibition
HB2489Cprovisional concealed weapons permit
HB2506Cappropriation; immigration enforcement; reimbursement; fund
HB2507Creligious services; essential services
HB2509P*racing; boxing; transfer; gaming commission.
HB2510Crural management areas
HB2511P*subsequent irrigation non-expansion areas; procedures
HB2512CColorado River water; local communities
HB2541Cdeputy sheriff; detention officer; salary
HB2542Cappropriations; school safety; interoperability
HB2543Cappropriation; training simulators
(NOW: credit; luxury privilege tax; licenses)
HB2597Cschools; pledge; quiet reflection
HB2602Cpolling places; emergency voting centers
HB2611Cvaccinations; masks; requirements; enforcement prohibition
HB2614Cschools; communications; public receipt option
HB2615Cyouth music and art special plates
HB2616Cmask mandates; minors; parental consent
HB2617Cvoter registration; cancellations; causes
HB2625P*vacation rentals; short-term rentals; regulations
HB2632Ccivics test; passing score
HB2633Chospitalizations; family visitation
HB2635Chealth care workers; assault; prevention
(NOW: breast implant surgery; informed consent)
HB2636Cappropriation; retention; certified peace officers
HB2637Cdivestment; K-12; abortion; explicit material
(NOW: government investments; products; fiduciaries; plans)
HB2645Cfalse filings; UCC; penalty
HB2651Cappropriation; Cesar Chavez Boulevard.
HB2656Ccertain affiliations; banks; prohibition
HB2657Cforced labor; manufactured goods
HB2661Crural management areas; water
HB2662Cprohibitions; digital application distribution platforms
HB2671Cappropriation; WQARF; treated recycled wastewater
HB2675P*right to jury; parent-child relationship
(NOW: antisemitism; reporting)
HB2676P*appropriations; Lake Havasu City; bridge
HB2677P*rural groundwater projects; list
HB2689Csexual conduct; minor; classification; sentence
HB2691Chealth care workforce; grant programs
HB2696P*mandatory sentences; children; trafficking; smuggling
HB2700Ccondominiums; planned communities; amendments
HB2701P*TPT; prime contracting; tax base
(NOW: veterans; hunting; licenses)
HB2703Cauditor general; audits; county elections
(NOW: secure online signature collection)
HB2712Cpublic meetings executive sessions
HB2713Cschools; governing board members; employment
HB2749CTPT; prime contracting; exemption; alterations
HB2777Celections; auditor general; attorney general
HB2778Celectronic registration information center; prohibition
HB2780Cvoter lists; images; voting records
(NOW: voting; images; records; contests; audits)
HB2785P*attorney general; election complaints
HB2786Cvoter registrations; ballot requests; source
(NOW: voting; registration; drop boxes; prohibition)
HB2789CArizona trail; fund; purpose
HB2800Cconcurrent coursework; average daily membership
HB2853CArizona empowerment scholarship accounts; appropriation
HB2854CK-12; school finance; weights
HCR2005Carticle V convention; term limits.
HCR2015Cinitiatives; supermajority vote; requirement
HCR2017Cconstitutional property tax exemptions; consolidation
HCR2018Cjudges; merit selection; population
HCR2025Cgovernment-issued voter identification
(NOW: voter identification; voting)
HCR2033Cdecertifying Arizona's 2020 electors
HCR2042Cdeath resolution; Jimmie Muñoz, Sr.
SB1119Celectronic ballot images; public record.
SB1120Cballot fraud countermeasures; paper; ink.
SB1192Cappropriation; Interstate 10; vehicle lanes
SB1237Cdepartment of gaming; investigations
SB1457Cvoting machines; hardware; software; access
SB1708Cmotion picture production; tax credits
SB1709Cantihuman trafficking grant fund; appropriation