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Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2006P*speed limits; roadway turn off
HB2007P*autonomous vehicles; safety features; prohibitions
HB2008P*ASRS; employer; member; contributions
HB2009P*budget units; encumbrance documents; exception
HB2010P*adoption; health information; update
HB2011P*school buildings; opening windows
HB2012P*unauthorized racing meetings; penalties; racketeering
HB2013P*interlock restricted licenses; violations; reporting
HB2025P*delinquent property tax; interest; waiver
HB2026P*nuclear emergency management; appropriations; assessments
HB2027P*leaving accident scene; private property
HB2028P*treasurer; investment of trust funds
HB2029P*barbering and cosmetology boards; consolidation
(NOW: commerce; masks; barbering; cosmetology; licensing)
HB2030P*homeowners' associations; first responder flags
(NOW: first responder flags; homeowners' associations)
HB2031P*education and community enrichment plates
HB2051P*procurement; information disclosure; bidders
HB2052P*homeowners' associations: political; community activity
HB2053P*superior court clerk; salary
(NOW: per diem; federal rate; legislators)
HB2058P*library; historic names; archeology; establishment
(NOW: library; historic names; establishment)
HB2059P*retirement systems; benefit computation; return-to-work
HB2082P*coercion; theft by extortion
HB2083P*safety features; autonomous vehicles; prohibitions
HB2084P*DUI; marijuana; impairment
HB2110Ccivil penalties; traffic; mitigation; restitution
(NOW: civil penalties; mitigation; restitution)
HB2111C2nd amendment; unenforceable federal laws
HB2138P*ABOR; optional retirement programs
HB2139P*ASRS; self-insurance program.
HB2152P*police; camera recordings; required redactions
HB2158P*protective orders; central repository; notification
HB2181P*write-ins; residency; filing deadline
HB2182P*rapid DNA testing; appropriation
HB2265P*rulemaking; expedited process; rule expiration
HB2306P*right to redeem; lien sale
HB2307P*voting equipment; overvote notice
HB2308P*recall petitions and elections; revisions
HB2309Cviolent; disorderly assembly; public order
HB2310Cmunicipalities; counties; law enforcement budgets
(NOW: executive orders; review; attorney general)
HB2312P*lease cost review board; repeal
HB2313P*information technology; authorization; state treasurer
HB2314P*presidential electors; ballots
HB2315P*school districts; electronic signature filing
HB2355P*animal abuser registration; penalties
HB2356P*ASRS; nonparticipatory employer liability.
HB2357P*attorney general; voter fraud; subpoenas
HB2358P*voter registration update; address change
HB2359P*election equipment; access; locks
HB2360P*driver license voter registrations; committee
(NOW: committee; driver license voter registrations)
HB2361P*write-ins; early ballots; processing
HB2362P*elections; ballot privacy folders
HB2363P*municipal election officers; certification training
HB2364P*election pamphlet submittals; identification required
HB2400Cmunicipal ordinances; posting
HB2430Cpublicity pamphlet; submittal dates
HB2433Cstate agencies; cash payment; acceptance
HB2442Ccounty treasurers; reports; posting; website
HB2481P*short-term rentals; enforcement; penalties
HB2482P*regulation; short-term rentals
HB2483P*animal ownership; possession; prohibition
HB2484P*animal fighting paraphernalia; offense
HB2501Clegislative subpoena
HB2523Cfour-year degrees; community colleges
HB2524P*counties; cities; towns; COVID expenditures
HB2525P*egg-laying hens; confinement; regulation
HB2548P*high intensity laser possession; prohibition
HB2549P*probable cause hearing; pandemic liability
HB2550P*complaints against peace officers; notification
HB2551P*misconduct involving weapons; public places
HB2552P*criminal damage; monuments; memorials; statues
HB2553P*peace officers; force; prohibited rules
HB2567P*peace officers; investigator membership requirements
HB2569Celections; private funding; prohibition
HB2570Clicenses; pandemics; revocation prohibition
HB2621Cprior authorization; uniform request forms
HB2622Cnonretaliation policies; health care institutions
HB2626Ccat declawing; prohibition; exceptions
HB2648Creligious services; essential services
HB2700P*county officers; salaries; increase
HB2715P*residential picketing; offense
HB2723P*campaign finance; reports; contribution amount
HB2737Ccorporation commission actions; investigation
HB2787Coccupational regulation; good character; definition
HB2792Cearly ballots; request required
HB2793Cvoter registration; request required
HB2794Celection deadlines; modifications prohibited
HB2809Cmarijuana; advertising; labeling; signage; sale
HB2811Csame day registration; prohibition
HB2816Cchildren and families special plates
HB2827Cbusinesses; firearms; unlawful acts
HB2831P*failure; appear; surety; notice; rules
HCR2001P*initiatives; single subject; title
HCR2002Csupreme court; maintain nine members
HCR2014P*United States; Taiwan; partnership.
HCR2020Clieutenant governor; joint candidacy
HCR2023Celections; state authority; infringement; opposition
HCR2032Cgovernment orders; protection; withdrawal; prohibition
HCR2035CWashington, D.C.; statehood; opposition
HCR2037P*pandemic emergencies; special sessions
HCR2042P*Ava Arpaio; death resolution
HCR2043P*Ava Arpaio; death resolution.
HR2017CTommie Rae Martin; death resolution
SB1115Crevised uniform law; notarial act
SB1374Ccrisis standards of care; requirements
SB1377Ccivil liability; public health pandemic