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Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2060P*schools; pledge; quiet reflection
HB2061P*CTEDs; nonprofits; postsecondary institutions; agreements
HB2062P*student apprenticeship program; tax credits
HB2063P*schools; student promotions
HB2064P*personal finance course; requirement; appropriation
HB2065P*medical freedom; parental rights
HB2066Carrest procedures; magistrates
HB2067Ccriminal conviction; set aside; applicability
HB2068Cappropriation; overpass; State Route 347
HB2069Cgenetic testing; private property
(NOW: genetic testing; requirements; data; enforcement)
HB2070Cadoption; original birth certificate; release
HB2159P*school bus drivers; license requirements
HB2239Cassured water supply; availability; plats.
HB2310Cmunicipalities; counties; law enforcement budgets
(NOW: executive orders; review; attorney general)
HB2421Cschools; distance learning courses; funding
HB2447P*ADOT; ports of entry; reporting
HB2470Cbuffalo soldiers memorial; extension
HB2472Cspecial license plates; veterans; design
HB2473Cveterans; special license plates; design
HB2569Celections; private funding; prohibition
HB2648Creligious services; essential services
HB2650Cabortion prohibition; licensure repealed
HB2686P*candidate signs; prohibition; primary
HB2701P*polling places; identification; early voting
HB2706Cappropriation; veterans' services; benefits counselors
HB2709P*birth certificates; gender
HB2710P*sex education; child abuse prevention
HB2712Chighway alignments; environmental impact statement
HB2713Crelease credits; prisoners
HB2724P*technical correction; joint school district
HB2725P*state documents; sex identification
HB2737Ccorporation commission actions; investigation
HB2758Cemissions inspection; collectible vehicles; dealers
HB2770Cmask mandates; business exception
HB2787Coccupational regulation; good character; definition
HB2790Cprisoners; escape; classification
HB2792Cearly ballots; request required
HB2793Cvoter registration; request required
HB2794Celection deadlines; modifications prohibited
HB2798Cearly voting procedures; signature cards
HB2799Cvoter registration rolls; electioneering
HB2800Celections; legislative session; procedures manual
HB2802Cambulance services; service areas
HB2805Cunemployment insurance; benefits; tax base
HB2811Csame day registration; prohibition
HB2827Cbusinesses; firearms; unlawful acts
HB2838Cincome tax; partnerships; S corporations
HB2840Cmisconduct involving weapons; school grounds
HB2905Cearly ballots; request required
HB2906Cgovernance; audits; training
HCR2002Csupreme court; maintain nine members
HCR2004P*schools; consolidation; unification
HCR2005P*English language education; requirements.
HCR2013Cpublic health; executive orders; reauthorization
HCR2021Celectoral college; supporting
HCR2023Celections; state authority; infringement; opposition
HCR2032Cgovernment orders; protection; withdrawal; prohibition
HCR2035CWashington, D.C.; statehood; opposition
SB1374Ccrisis standards of care; requirements
SB1428Csocial media; censorship; civil action
SB1429Csolid waste services; private provider
SB1430Chighly fatal; definition
SCR1003Cexecutive orders; emergencies; reauthorization; termination
SCR1025Carticle V convention; term limits