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Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB 286P*prisoners; community supervision; health emergency.
HB2097CACJC; victim compensation fund; allocation
HB2098Cmissing children; mandatory reporting
(NOW: missing children; law enforcement; reporting)
HB2099Cmissing and murdered indigenous peoples
HB2100Cmissing; unidentified person; reporting requirements
HB2101CAHCCCS; postpartum care; appropriations
HB2102CAHCCCS; pregnant women; dental care
HB2103Cnursing shortage; workforce preparation; plan
HB2104CDIFI; director; report; surprise billing
HB2105Cschool health program; appropriation
HB2106Cinformed consent; pelvic examinations.
HB2241Cschools; instruction; Holocaust; genocides
HB2261Cprisoners; health; training; visitation; rules
HB2270Cmedical services; purchase; study committee
HB2271CAHCCCS; pregnant women; eligibility
HB2272Cconsumer credit; military; federal law
HB2273Celigibility; children's health insurance program
HB2337Cwage disclosure; employee rights
HB2338Cemployers; employee salary history; prohibitions
HB2340Cstudent loan servicers; licensure
HB2341Cincome tax; credits; subtractions
HB2342Crecalls; city elections; signatures required
HB2343Cvoting centers; board of supervisors
HB2344Cearly voting; weekend hours
HB2345Cearly ballot collection; limitations; repeal.
HB2609Crepeal; imprisonment; abortion; solicitation
HB2729Cspecial education; group B weights
HB2731Cappropriations; gifted education programs
HB2732Cteachers academy; mental health professionals
HB2733Cschools; group B weight; eligibility
HB2734Ccandidates; school, local; electronic signatures
HB2735Cinitiative; referendum; signatures; electronic submittal
HB2746Cworkers' rights; public health emergency
HB2747Cbroadband; fiber optic services; committee
HB2748Crailroads; train length; prohibition
HB2750Cautomatic voter registration; same day.
HB2762Cstatewide assessment; 2020-2021 school year
HB2769Ctransportation funding task force
HB2775Cprisoners; earned release; credits
HB2776Cexecutive clemency board; medical parole.
HB2777Ccorrectional health services; prohibited contracts
HB2805Cunemployment insurance; benefits; tax base
HB2857Cemployee protections; public health-related pandemic
HB2858Cfamily and medical leave; paid.
HB2865P*personal data; processing; security standards
HB2866P*prisoners; community supervision; health emergency.
HB2868Cabortion; religious employers; contraception; repeal
HB2872Ccellular tower study committee
HCR2041CBarbara Lubin; death resolution
HR2007CCOVID-19 memorial day