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Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2110Ccivil penalties; traffic; mitigation; restitution
(NOW: civil penalties; mitigation; restitution)
HB2111C2nd amendment; unenforceable federal laws
HB2128Cstate licensing; fee waiver
HB2133Cappropriation; Grand Avenue; SR 303
HB2134Ccommercial driver licenses; third parties.
HB2154Cmedical conditions; medical marijuana
HB2184Csex education; parental consent; schools
HB2293P*vehicle impoundment; exceptions; storage charges
HB2294P*yielding to emergency vehicles; penalties
HB2295P*law enforcement officers; database; rules
HB2296P*restricted license; DUI; suspension report
(NOW: restricted license; DUI; suspension)
HB2297P*military leaves of absence; duration
HB2298P*medical marijuana; research; grants
HB2309Cviolent; disorderly assembly; public order
HB2310Cmunicipalities; counties; law enforcement budgets
(NOW: executive orders; review; attorney general)
HB2365P*minimum vehicle speed; left lane
(NOW: political candidates; address confidentiality)
HB2366P*criminal speeding
HB2367P*special event licenses; charitable organizations
(NOW: special event license; issuance)
HB2368P*veterinarians; malpractice; unprofessional conduct; action
HB2369P*early ballots; notarization; identification
HB2370P*permanent early voting list; repeal
HB2371P*hand count; voting centers; total
HB2375Cempowering today's youth special plates.
HB2393Cschools; universities; consular identification cards.
HB2407Cappropriation; 67th Avenue; widening; drainage
HB2442Ccounty treasurers; reports; posting; website
HB2445Clawn equipment emissions reduction program
HB2460P*detention officers; arrest warrant; custody
HB2461P*DPS; body cameras; appropriations
HB2462P*civilian review board members; training
HB2463P*appropriation; DPS; school safety program
HB2464P*veteran suicides; annual report..
HB2465P*search warrants; procedures; notifications
HB2470Cbuffalo soldiers memorial; extension
HB2471Cstate agencies; veterans status; inquiry
HB2472Cspecial license plates; veterans; design
HB2473Cveterans; special license plates; design
HB2474Cpost-traumatic stress injury day
HB2504P*appropriation; DPS; salary increase
HB2505P*appropriations; corrections officers; salary increases
HB2506P*workers' compensation; rates; firefighters; cancer
HB2522Cgraduated driver licenses; education program
HB2551Cmisconduct involving weapons; public places
HB2552Ccriminal damage; monuments; memorials; statues
HB2556Ctobacco; vaping; penalties; legal age
HB2569Celections; private funding; prohibition
HB2598P*purchaser dwelling actions; remedies
HB2618Cpublic nuisance; noise; evidence.
HB2619Chomeowners' associations; declaration amendment; majority
HB2623Cfireworks; use; overnight hours; prohibition
HB2648Creligious services; essential services
HB2706Cappropriation; veterans' services; benefits counselors
HB2707Cprobation failure reduction incentive payments
HB2737Ccorporation commission actions; investigation
HB2757P*traffic survival school; online prohibited
HB2758Cemissions inspection; collectible vehicles; dealers
HB2763P*county officials; practice of law
HB2769Ctransportation funding task force
HB2770Cmask mandates; business exception
HB2774Ccounty transportation planning assistant.
HB2786Cappropriation; DPS; body cameras
HB2787Coccupational regulation; good character; definition
HB2790Cprisoners; escape; classification
HB2791P*appropriation; peace officer training equipment
HB2803Cpublic schools; panic alarm; requirement
HB2804Cpublic meetings; executive sessions
HB2805Cunemployment insurance; benefits; tax base
HB2809Cmarijuana; advertising; labeling; signage; sale
HB2812Cpatient consent; specimen disposal; use
HB2827Cbusinesses; firearms; unlawful acts
HB2838Cincome tax; partnerships; S corporations
HB2876Cgovernment contracts; public-private partnerships
HB2904P*restricted license; DUI; suspension
HB2906Cgovernance; audits; training
HCR2002Csupreme court; maintain nine members
HCR2013Cpublic health; executive orders; reauthorization
HCR2016Cinitiatives; supermajority vote requirement
HCR2020Clieutenant governor; joint candidacy
HCR2021Celectoral college; supporting
HCR2022CFisher house; service members; supporting
HCR2023Celections; state authority; infringement; opposition
HCR2032Cgovernment orders; protection; withdrawal; prohibition
HCR2035CWashington, D.C.; statehood; opposition
HM2001Cmilitary sexual assault; service members
HR2017CTommie Rae Martin; death resolution
SB1420Cschools; universities; consular identification cards
(NOW: consular identification; validity; biometric verification)
SB1514Cappropriation; emergency shelter beds; seniors
(NOW: emergency shelter beds; seniors)
SB1533Cobstructing highways; racing; assessment; impoundment
SCR1003Cexecutive orders; emergencies; reauthorization; termination