House Member

Personal Information:
Home City: Chandler
Member Since: 2015
Representative Jeff Weninger is serving his fourth term for Legislative District 17. His district serves Gilbert, Sun Lakes and a large portion of Chandler, where Jeff resides with his wife, Janet, and their three children.

Before serving as a State Representative, Jeff served on the Chandler City Council for eight years and held the position of Vice Mayor. He became known as the common sense councilman and created a culture that ultimately changed the way Chandler employees approached spending tax dollars. Chandler’s budget remained one of the strongest in the state during the economic downturn and without cutting needed services.

Jeff served on and worked with the following community and government boards:
  • State Precinct Committeeman
  • Childhelp Advisory Board
  • The Greater Phoenix Economic Council
  • Chandler Airport Commission
  • The Boys & Girls Club of the East Valley
  • The Chandler Center for the Arts
  • 1st Vice Chairman Republican LD 20

In the State House of Representatives, Jeff is Chairman of the Commerce Committee. Jeff’s first session helped Arizona entrepreneurs gain the route to needed capital funding with his crowd-funding legislation passing unanimously in both House and Senate. Jeff had a record total of five of his bills primary sponsored bills made into law at the end of the first session.
  • AZ Chamber of Commerce Rookie of the Year
  • AZ Capital Times Honoree Rising Star
  • Chandler Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year
  • Precinct Committeeman of the Year
  • Champion of the Taxpayers

Representative Weninger is proud to serve the citizens of Arizona. He has made a commitment to be a leader for small businesses, education dollars in the classrooms and to ensure the safety and protection of every citizen in the great state of Arizona.

Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2044P*insurance; omnibus.
HB2045P*civil rights; amendments
HB2046P*disability license plates; minors
HB2047P*insurance; optometrists; contracts; covered services
HB2048P*counties; committed youth contributions; repeal
HB2049P*eminent domain; existing contracts
HB2050P*liquor omnibus
HB2108P*telecommunications; public highways; use; fees
HB2109Cbingo; conduct; licenses
HB2110Ccivil penalties; traffic; mitigation; restitution
(NOW: civil penalties; mitigation; restitution)
HB2161Ctourism marketing authorities.
HB2305P*spirituous liquor; alternating proprietorships
HB2413P*sex offender registration; online identifiers
HB2459P*manslaughter; suicide assistance; violation
HB2544Cblockchain and cryptocurrency study committee
HB2554P*technical correction; safe deposit; tenancy
(NOW: party representative; resident; violation)
HB2569Celections; private funding; prohibition
HB2620Chealth care workers; assault; prevention
HB2621Cprior authorization; uniform request forms
HB2622Cnonretaliation policies; health care institutions
HB2625Coverdose; disease prevention; programs.
HB2648Creligious services; essential services
HB2695CHIV medication; prior authorization; prohibition
HB2753Cdistilleries; licensing; environmental exemption
(NOW: liquor licensees; records; food safety)
HB2772P*fantasy sports betting; event wagering.
HB2773P*spirituous liquor; delivery; off-sale permits
(NOW: liquor; delivery; off-sale permits; leases)
HB2787Coccupational regulation; good character; definition
HB2801Crural counties; transient lodging tax
HB2804Cpublic meetings; executive sessions
HB2809Cmarijuana; advertising; labeling; signage; sale
HB2810Ccivil asset forfeiture; conviction; procedures
HB2813P*autonomous vehicles
HB2838Cincome tax; partnerships; S corporations
HB2844P*wineries; microbreweries; distilled spirits
HB2923P*party representative; resident; violation
HCR2002Csupreme court; maintain nine members
HCR2020Clieutenant governor; joint candidacy
HCR2023Celections; state authority; infringement; opposition
HCR2032Cgovernment orders; protection; withdrawal; prohibition
HCR2035CWashington, D.C.; statehood; opposition
HR2017CTommie Rae Martin; death resolution
SB1250Coverdose; disease prevention; programs
SB1377Ccivil liability; public health pandemic
SB1681Cappropriation; Ocotillo Road; bridge; extension
SB1797Cfantasy sports betting; event wagering