House Member

Personal Information:
Home City: Chinle
Member Since: 2019

My name is Myron Tsosie, 39 years of age, Dine, I am of the Coyote Pass Clan born for the Towering House People my maternal grandparents are of the Towering House and my paternal grandparents are of the Water Flows Together People. I currently reside in Chinle, Arizona in the Heart of the Navajo Nation. Since 2014 I have served on the Chinle Unified School District School Board and continue to this day where I have worked with local, state and national leaders both in the House and Senate.

Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2094Cteachers academy; counselors; social workers
HB2120Cschools; graduation ceremonies; cultural regalia
HB2192Cappropriation; domestic violence; sexual assault
HB2194Cappropriation; Kayenta judicial complex
HB2195Cappropriations; Native American veterans; renovations
HB2196Cappropriation; Navajo nation; safety plan
HB2197Cappropriation; Cove chapter; economic development
HB2198Cappropriation; Ganado School Loop Road
HB2199Cappropriations; tribal college remedial education
HB2200Cappropriation; state aviation fund
HB2201Cappropriation; state parks heritage fund
HB2202Cappropriation; Navajo nation; bridge replacement
HB2203Cappropriation; tribal reunification ceremonies
HB2204Cappropriation; Vernon fire district
HB2205CIndian tribes; TPT
HB2206Cschools; dress codes; graduation ceremonies
HB2207Cappropriation; route H60
HB2208CArizona teachers academy; recruitment; appropriation
HB2209Cschools; instruction; Native American experience
HB2210Choliday; indigenous peoples' day
HB2211CIndian education; grant program; appropriation
HB2333Cprivate prison security officers; certification
HB2334Cprivate prison contractors; public records
HB2335Cemployment; conditions; labor organizations; discrimination
HB2336Covertime pay
HB2337Crepeal; right to work
HB2340Cautonomous vehicles; ADOT director's duties
HB2372Cschools; dyslexia; screening; training
HB2392CAZPOST; membership
HB2393Cappropriation; Chinle veterans nursing home
HB2396Cappropriation; Cornfields low-water crossing
HB2502Cindependent expenditures; corporations; funding disclosure
HB2503Ccampaign finance; corporate recipients; registration
HB2504Cappropriations; affordable housing
HB2505Cstudent loans servicers; licensure
HB2506Ccredit security freezes; timing
HB2507Cinsurance premium tax reductions; freeze
HB2509Cstate employees; political activities
HB2510Ccontraception; cost sharing prohibition
HB2511Cappropriation; financial aid trust fund
HB2539Cstatewide ADA coordinator; appropriation
HB2540Cemotional abuse; vulnerable adults
HB2541Chealth care institutions; education; abuse
HB2542Cmandatory reporting; vulnerable adults; penalties
HB2549Cadult protective services; audit; appropriation
HB2550CDHS; long-term care facility surveyors.
HB2569CDCS; investigation; schools; children; disabilities
HB2570P*archaeology advisory commission; continuation
HB2571P*appropriation; military; discharge; tribal ceremonies
HB2572P*appropriation; Navajo veterans housing
HB2573P*appropriation; laboratory; Navajo technical university
HB2574P*hydraulic fracturing; prohibitions
HB2575P*single-use plastics; recyclables; fee
HB2576Cappropriation; St. Michael's chapter house
HB2577Cappropriations; tribal senior citizens programs
HB2583Chousing trust fund; unclaimed property
HB2584Cstate law; local violation; repeal
HB2585Cappropriations; medical workforce development
HB2586Cappropriation; healthy families program
HB2587Cappropriation; community health grants
HB2588Cchild care assistance; tiered reimbursement
HB2600Cadoption; original birth certificate; release
HB2682Cschools; instruction; Holocaust; genocides
HB2683Canti-semitism; crime reporting; aggravating factor
HB2684Ccrisis management team; underperforming districts
HB2694Crepeal; imprisonment; abortion; solicitation.
HB2725Cschools; certificates of educational convenience
HB2726Cappropriation: Tolikan senior center facility
HB2734Cpower plants; contractors; workforce requirements
HB2754Ccorrections oversight committee; duties; ombudsman
HB2755Cschools; drug violations; reporting options
HB2757Cincome tax; credits; subtractions
HB2766Cgreenhouse gas programs; repeal prohibition
HB2770Cwater rights; general adjudications; funding
HB2777Cappropriations; capital projects; Greasewood Springs
HB2781Cappropriations; dyslexia screening and education
HB2782CCTEDs; 9th grade; workforce needs
HB2783Ceducator health insurance; study committee
HB2801Cautomatic voter registration; same day
HB2814Crural economic development; project certification
HB2857Cpaid family leave
HB2867Cbirth certificates; amendment; gender identity
HB2868Clocal planning; residential housing; repeal
HB2869Ccharter schools; holders; governing bodies
HB2870Ccommerce authority; qualified investors; report
HB2875Cregulation; short-term rentals
HB2878Cpublic resources; prohibited; deportation proceedings
HB2887Cmental health; parity; advisory committee
HB2888CADEQ; tribal consultations; appropriation
HB2892Cmissing persons; law enforcement duties
HCM2002CNogales wastewater fairness; urging Congress
HCM2007CNavajo generating station; PROMISE Act.
HCR2019Cright to work; repeal
HCR2029Ccampaign finance; source disclosure
HCR2034Cvaping; feminine hygiene; tax; exemption
HM2002Cmilitary sexual trauma; servicemembers
SB1200Cschools; sexual abuse prevention education
SB1201Cbuilding permits; electrical outlet capacity
SB1202Celectric vehicle outlet; program
SB1203Celectric charging stations pilot; appropriation