House Member

Personal Information:
Home City:   Phoenix
Member Since: 2017
State Representative César Chávez was first elected in 2016 to represent the 29th Legislative District in the Arizona House of Representatives, with his district covering the areas of Maryvale, South Glendale, and Litchfield Park.

Born in Guanajuato, Mexico in 1987, along with his parents immigrated to the United States when he was three years of age. From a very young age, Representative Chávez saw the lack of resources within education and healthcare. His involvement was key to numerous movements including the protests against SB1070, signed into law by former Governor Jan Brewer in 2010. His compassion for the immigrant community lead to him championing other issues such as education, healthcare, and economic development.

During his first term, Representative Chávez has proven to be a structural member of the Arizona State Legislature. Not only has he been willing to work across the aisle in a bipartisan manner for the benefit of his constituency, he has been able to stop hurtful legislation from going through the legislative process.

Representative Chávez serves as Member of the Commerce and Local & International Affairs Committees, Co-founder of the Arizona Legislative LGBTQ Caucus, and Chair of the Human & Civil Rights Taskforce for the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators.

Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2057P*consular identification cards; allowed use
HB2094Cteachers academy; counselors; social workers
HB2120Cschools; graduation ceremonies; cultural regalia
HB2185Cappropriations; school safety program
HB2186Cappropriation; gifted education programs.
HB2187Cappropriation; school facilities; building renewal
HB2189Cschool funding; inflation adjustments
HB2196Cappropriation; Navajo nation; safety plan
HB2197Cappropriation; Cove chapter; economic development
HB2200Cappropriation; state aviation fund
HB2204Cappropriation; Vernon fire district
HB2277Cschools; sex education instruction.
HB2324Cprohibited weapon; bump-fire device; accessory.
HB2325Cfirearm sales; permit verification; requirements
HB2333Cprivate prison security officers; certification
HB2334Cprivate prison contractors; public records
HB2335Cemployment; conditions; labor organizations; discrimination
HB2336Covertime pay
HB2337Crepeal; right to work
HB2340Cautonomous vehicles; ADOT director's duties
HB2348P*municipal TPT; residential rentals; limit
HB2372Cschools; dyslexia; screening; training
HB2391Csexual violence; interpreters; service providers
HB2392CAZPOST; membership
HB2393Cappropriation; Chinle veterans nursing home
HB2397Cspirituous liquors; alternating proprietorships
HB2502Cindependent expenditures; corporations; funding disclosure
HB2504Cappropriations; affordable housing
HB2505Cstudent loans servicers; licensure
HB2506Ccredit security freezes; timing
HB2508Crecalls; city elections; signatures required
HB2509Cstate employees; political activities
HB2510Ccontraception; cost sharing prohibition
HB2511Cappropriation; financial aid trust fund
HB2514Cschools; special education weights; funding
HB2515Cchlorpyrifos; prohibition
HB2517Cschools; charter management organizations; contracts
HB2520Cchild care assistance; rates
HB2523Coverrides; informational pamphlets; argument submittals
HB2525Cappropriation; child care assistance
HB2526CArizona online instruction; funding
HB2539Cstatewide ADA coordinator; appropriation
HB2541Chealth care institutions; education; abuse
HB2542Cmandatory reporting; vulnerable adults; penalties
HB2544Cfirearm; ammunition storage; civil penalty
HB2545Cfirearm dealers; firearm transfers; requirements
HB2546Cfirearm sales; transfers; background checks
HB2548Cemployers; employee salary history; prohibitions
HB2569CDCS; investigation; schools; children; disabilities
HB2570Carchaeology advisory commission; continuation
HB2571Cappropriation; military; discharge; tribal ceremonies
HB2572Cappropriation; Navajo veterans housing
HB2573Cappropriation; laboratory; Navajo technical university
HB2577Cappropriations; tribal senior citizens programs
HB2578Cappropriations; state employee salary increases
HB2579Cinformed consent; pelvic examinations..
HB2682Cschools; instruction; Holocaust; genocides
HB2683Canti-semitism; crime reporting; aggravating factor
HB2688Ccall center relocation
HB2689Cmisclassification; tax fraud; task force
HB2690Cstate agencies; veterans status; inquiry
HB2691P*prisoners; isolated confinement; prohibited
HB2692P*appropriation; coordinated homeless youth services
HB2693Cabortion; waiting period; authorized providers
HB2694Crepeal; imprisonment; abortion; solicitation.
HB2695CTANF; financial literacy education
HB2707P*conversion therapy; prohibition; sexual orientation
HB2708P*wrongful arrest; record clearance
HB2716Cantidiscrimination; housing; employment; public accommodations
HB2725Cschools; certificates of educational convenience
HB2734Cpower plants; contractors; workforce requirements
HB2736Cprohibited agreements; public works contracts
HB2754Ccorrections oversight committee; duties; ombudsman
HB2755Cschools; drug violations; reporting options
HB2756Csentencing; historical prior felony convictions
HB2764Cmental health omnibus.
HB2765Chighway patrol; emergency response requirement
HB2766Cgreenhouse gas programs; repeal prohibition
HB2780Cappropriations; hunger services; food banks
HB2781Cappropriations; dyslexia screening and education
HB2782CCTEDs; 9th grade; workforce needs
HB2799Cappropriation; area agencies on aging.
HB2800CCORP; defined benefit election
HB2801Cautomatic voter registration; same day
HB2832Csocial workers; fee reductions; scholarships
HB2857Cpaid family leave
HB2867Cbirth certificates; amendment; gender identity
HB2868Clocal planning; residential housing; repeal
HB2869Ccharter schools; holders; governing bodies
HB2870Ccommerce authority; qualified investors; report
HB2876Cfarm wineries; production
HB2878Cpublic resources; prohibited; deportation proceedings
HCM2002CNogales wastewater fairness; urging Congress
HCM2005Cpostal service; urging independence; prefunding
HCM2007CNavajo generating station; PROMISE Act.
HCR2002Cratification; equal rights amendment..
HCR2018Cfirearm sales; transfers; background checks
HCR2019Cright to work; repeal
HCR2029Ccampaign finance; source disclosure
HM2002Cmilitary sexual trauma; servicemembers
SB1126Cwishes; critically ill children; plates
SB1160Cfirefighters; cancers; presumption; workers' compensation
(NOW: firefighters; cancers; irrebuttable presumption; applicability)
SB1461Clegislators; opt out; per diem
SCR1030Cwear red day 2020