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Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2104P*child care assistance; education; training
HB2105P*schools; child care; reduced fees
HB2106P*schools; audits; financial records; budgets
HB2107P*school districts; minor boundary changes
HB2108P*college course credit; dual enrollment
HB2109P*unification; consolidation; notice; ballot language
HB2110P*schools; employees; employment; discipline
HB2111P*schools; resources; services; consolidation grants
HB2112P*schools; safety; executive session
HB2119P*schools; academic credits; transfer
HB2152P*appropriation; STEM; learning; workforce development
HB2166P*schools; graduation requirements; university admissions
HB2167P*education; federal funds; technical correction
HB2168P*technical correction; school district boards
HB2169P*technical correction; private schools
HB2170P*technical correction; legal opinions; schools
HB2171P*exchange teachers; technical correction
HB2206Cschools; dress codes; graduation ceremonies
HB2222P*CTEDs; internships; funding
HB2271P*appropriation; dual enrollment courses; eligibility
HB2275Cschool safety; school resource officers
HB2350Ccounties; committed youth contributions; repeal
HB2351Creal estate; employee; rent collection
HB2352Ccentrally assessed property; valuation; pipelines.
HB2367Cschools; residency documentation; policies
HB2372Cschools; dyslexia; screening; training
HB2386P*county free library districts; programs
HB2387P*continuing high school program
HB2388P*appropriations; direct services; referrals
HB2415Cappropriation; southern border region enforcement
HB2438P*college credit by examination; appropriations
HB2448P*public schools; innovation plans
HB2449P*schools; pupil discipline
HB2484Cdepartment of education; career information
HB2493Ccommunity facilities districts
HB2497Clawn equipment emissions reduction program
HB2501Ccommerce authority; adult workforce education.
HB2523Coverrides; informational pamphlets; argument submittals
HB2532Cprior authorization; uniform request form
HB2534Cchildcare assistance; eligibility
HB2536Ctelemedicine; health care providers
HB2538Chealth care workers; assault; prevention
HB2573Cappropriation; laboratory; Navajo technical university
HB2598Csanctuary jurisdiction; liability; civil action
HB2599Cpsychologists; licensure requirements
HB2666Cappropriation; financing agreement; retirement; defeasance
HB2678P*CTEDs; district governing boards; elections
HB2679P*SFB; department of administration
HB2682Cschools; instruction; Holocaust; genocides
HB2683Canti-semitism; crime reporting; aggravating factor
HB2684P*crisis management team; underperforming districts
HB2703Ccivil action; invasion of privacy
HB2727CAHCCCS; pregnant women; dental care.
HB2741P*CTEDs; fourth-year funding
HB2742Cuse tax; TPT; education
HB2762P*project rocket pilot program; appropriations
HB2799Cappropriation; area agencies on aging.
HB2806Cappropriations; preschool development grants
HB2808Cprisoners; release credits
HB2817Cairport fees prohibited; ride sharing
HB2855Celectric charging providers; regulation
HB2879CDOC; substance abuse programs; appropriations
HB2910Cpublic school closures; coronavirus disease.
HB2913PZ*supplemental appropriations; child care facilities
HCR2020Clieutenant governor; joint candidacy
HCR2021Cabortion data; survivors act; supporting
HCR2023Cschool districts; expenditure limit; authorization
HCR2031Ceducation; TPT; use tax..
HCR2032Cinitiatives; single subject; title
HCR2033Csecond amendment; supporting
HCR2036Csanctuary jurisdiction; prohibition; law enforcement
HCR2045Cmedical marijuana; mental health; research
HCR2046Cinitiatives; referendums; reauthorization
HM2002Cmilitary sexual trauma; servicemembers
SB1143Canti-semitism; crime reporting; aggravating factor.
SB1152Cmedical student loan program
SB1328Cappropriations; direct services; referrals.
SB1349Cappropriation; students with disabilities
SB1491Cliteracy; dyslexia; screening; appropriations
SB1492CArizona teachers academy; program pathways
SB1493Cpharmacists; dispensing authority; hormonal contraceptives
SB1501Celectronic smoking devices; tobacco sales
SB1508Claw enforcement officers; additional benefits
SB1593Cteachers; braille literacy; rules