House Member

Personal Information:
Home City: Tucson
Occupation: Real Estate
Member Since: 2015

Mark Finchem was born in Detroit Michigan and grew up for the most part in southwestern Michigan, a town known in stage and song as Kalamazoo.  Upon graduation from high school there he joined the Kalamazoo Fire Department as a Firefighter/Paramedic.  In 1984, after graduating with High Honors with a degree in Criminal Justice, and 2nd in his class from the SW Regional Police Academy, he entered the combined service Public Safety Program. 

Mr. Finchem served 21 years as a Public Safety Officer providing emergency medical, fire suppression and law enforcement services.  During much of his career in the Public Safety Department, Mr. Finchem was also a rancher living in the small hamlet of Delton Michigan.  Upon retirement he moved to Tucson Arizona.

Once in Tucson Mr. Finchem was hired by Intuit Inc., the makers of QuickBooks small business accounting software, where he received a world class business operations education and received his Six Sigma process improvement certification.  After 7 years of work focused on balance between improving the consumer experience, and the company bottom line Mr. Finchem left to start his own business.

Now a REALTOR in Northwest Tucson, Mr. Finchem has built a highly rated, very successful residential real estate sales practice, receiving high marks from organizations including Angie’s List and from many discriminating clients.

Elected to represent the 11th Legislative District in the 52nd Arizona Legislature Mr. Finchem, a freshman, has introduced a line of constitutionally sound bills including a gold and silver bullion “legal tender”, state level protection of public rights-of-way, repeal and replacement of Common Core and a state treasurers payment consolidation bill to streamline consumer interactions, reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Mr. Finchem can be best described as a man dedicated to serving God first, then the rights of man; a Constitutionalist who’s favorite USSC opinion language comes from Norton -v- Shelby County 118 us 425 442, 25 MAR 1886, "An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed."

Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2055Ccivil traffic violations; community restitution
(NOW: penalties; civil traffic violation)
HB2084Cinternational boundary wall; building permits
HB2090P*wind energy; siting
HB2091P*indoor tanning; minors; restricted use
HB2092P*federal government; land acquisition; consent
HB2093C2nd amendment; unenforceable federal laws
HB2214P*technical correction; juvenile court; records
HB2215P*technical correction; industrial development; insurance
HB2216P*technical correction; veterans
HB2245Cmelons; vegetables; shipping; adjoining states
HB2257Carrest procedures; magistrates
HB2351Creal estate; employee; rent collection
HB2352Ccentrally assessed property; valuation; pipelines.
HB2368P*technical correction; police; fire departments
HB2369P*technical correction; building codes
HB2370P*technical correction; jury; expenses
HB2371P*appropriations; DNA analysis instruments
HB2387Ccontinuing high school program
HB2388Cappropriations; direct services; referrals
HB2390Ccommunity colleges; districts; workforce development
HB2402Ccriminal conviction; set aside; applicability
HB2406Cstate treasurer; financial services
HB2415Cappropriation; southern border region enforcement
HB2440P*death benefit; transitional housing benefit
HB2446Csimulcast dog racing; wagering; time
HB2447Cgaming compacts; water claims; prohibition
HB2448Cpublic schools; innovation plans
HB2459Cschools; revenues; expenditures; database
HB2497Clawn equipment emissions reduction program
HB2538Chealth care workers; assault; prevention
HB2598Csanctuary jurisdiction; liability; civil action
HB2599Cpsychologists; licensure requirements
HB2600Cadoption; original birth certificate; release
HB2614Carchaeology advisory commission; continuation
HB2624Chuman trafficking; civil action; liability
HB2625Ccivics celebration day; civics education
HB2640Cenvironmental technology; biomass; forestry products
HB2650P*schools; statewide assessment; ACT; SAT
HB2658Cschools; sex education
HB2666Cappropriation; financing agreement; retirement; defeasance
HB2676Cveterans; income tax subtraction; increase
HB2682Cschools; instruction; Holocaust; genocides
HB2683Canti-semitism; crime reporting; aggravating factor
HB2703Ccivil action; invasion of privacy
HB2706Cinterscholastic athletics; biological sex
HB2776Cpublicity pamphlet; submittal dates
HB2778Ctaxation; omnibus
HB2779Cstate equalization assistance; rate; appropriation
HB2785Cappropriations; DPS: school safety program
HB2802Cappropriation; overpass; State Route 347
HB2805P*Arizona election process study committee
HB2814Crural economic development; project certification
HB2817Cairport fees prohibited; ride sharing
HB2827P*elections; tabulation review; referral; logs
HB2828P*solar; electric vehicle batteries; disposal
HB2830Ctraffic stops; police cars; uniforms
HB2846Cpublic officials; entities; civil liability
HB2875Cregulation; short-term rentals
HB2876Cfarm wineries; production
HB2879CDOC; substance abuse programs; appropriations
HB2880Cassured water supply; availability; plats
HB2881Cgenetic testing; private property
HCM2009Cfloodwater harvesting; study; urging Congress
HCR2013Cconsumer data; privacy; federal standard
HCR2021Cabortion data; survivors act; supporting
HCR2032Cinitiatives; single subject; title
HCR2033Csecond amendment; supporting
HCR2036Csanctuary jurisdiction; prohibition; law enforcement
HCR2039P*initiative; referendum; signatures; legislative districts
HCR2042P*teachers; ethics standards; rules
HCR2043P*school districts; aggregate expenditure limit
HCR2044Cmedical marijuana fund; use
HCR2045Cmedical marijuana; mental health; research
HCR2046Cinitiatives; referendums; reauthorization
SB1042Cexecutive sessions; security plans
SB1045Cstatewide gaming; gaming devices
SB1047Cclass III gaming; revenue distribution
SB1112Cveterans' home facility; Mohave county
SB1438Cfantasy sports competitions; definition
SB1460Celectric cooperatives; broadband service
SB1663Cstate permitting council
(NOW: state permitting dashboard)
SB1674Cmedical marijuana dispensaries; registration transfer
SCR1031Cstatewide gaming