House Member

Personal Information:
Home City: Yuma
Member Since: 2018

State Representative Tim Dunn was first appointed to the Arizona House of Representatives in 2018 to represent the people of Legislative District 13, which covers the areas of Yuma, Buckeye, El Mirage, Glendale, Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Surprise, Wellton, and Wickenburg.

A lifelong resident of Yuma, Rep. Dunn operates a family-run business, Dunn Grain Co Inc, which specializes in selling grains and exporting crops like garbanzo beans, black-eyed peas, Sudan grass, and wheat. He was named 2017 Arizona Farm Bureau "Farmer of the Year."

Having been raised on a farm, Rep. Dunn has always had the desire to grow things and be innovative in business. a University of Arizona graduate with a BS in Agronomy, Dunn took his experiences growing up on a farm and brought them together with his schooling to take on new entrepreneurial enterprises.

A lifelong Republican, Rep. Dunn has proudly served as a Precinct Committeeman. He has also been an active voice on county issues related to agriculture. In 1999, the Yuma County Chamber of Commerce awarded him "Agricultural Person of the Year." Rep. Dunn was also appointed by the governor to the Arizona Department of Agriculture Advisory Board from 2006-2011 and served as Chairman in 2009. In addition to his service on this board, he served on various state and national committees from 1999 to 2015.

He is also a part of the Project Central Class of XI and Recipient of "Outstanding Leadership Award for Public Policy" 2009, as well as the 2009 Hear of Yuma Nominee.

Rep. Dunn still resides in his hometown of Yuma, along with his wife Eileen, and sons Kirk, 25 and Timothy Ty, 22. They are active in their church community, with Rep. Dunn having been a founding board member Champion Christian Church, where he has served as an officer since 2003. Representative Dunn’s older son, Kirk, works on the farm in Yuma, and his younger son Ty has enlisted in the Air Force and is starting boot camp in 2018.

Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2009Cnavigable stream adjudication commission; extension
HB2010CArizona wine commission; duties; promotion
HB2095Cagricultural property classification; water reduction
(NOW: taxation; agricultural property; partial payment)
HB2097Cpersonal property; reporting; exemption
HB2098Cdelinquent property taxes; payment plans
HB2184CEnglish language learners; instruction; budgeting..
HB2187Cappropriation; K-12 rollover
HB2196Cearly ballots; polling place; tabulation
HB2245Cmandatory minimum sentences; judicial discretion
HB2271P*public lands day; holiday
HB2272P*G&F; resident; definition
HB2273P*industrial hemp; licensing; effective date.
HB2274P*Arizona power authority
HB2275P*TPT exemption; crop production tools
(NOW: TPT exemptions; propagative materials)
HB2423Cspace flight activities; release agreement
HB2455Cstate aviation fund; purpose
HB2527Cemergency personnel; rest periods; violence
HB2547Cpublic lands; management department; committee
(NOW: racing commission; simulcasting; wagering facilities)
HB2556Cagricultural property; uses; rural activities
HB2558Cstatewide ADA coordinator; appropriation
HB2569Coccupational licensing; reciprocity
HB2572Cstate lease-purchase agreements; payoff.
HB2580Cgrants; invasive vegetation eradication
(NOW: appropriation; invasive vegetation eradication; grants)
HB2590Cappropriation; water districts; infrastructure; DCP
HB2617Crenewable energy storage equipment; valuation
HB2635Cprohibition; photo radar
HB2639Ctimeshares; disclosures
HB2640Cdomestic violence; students; teachers; administrators
HB2665Chealth care institutions; education; abuse
HB2672Cvacation rentals; short-term rentals; regulation
HB2693Cmisconduct involving weapons; school grounds
HB2697CADE; school safety report
HB2701Cstate parks; lottery; heritage fund.
HB2703Cfiling deadlines; taxable year 2018.
HB2705Ccommon school district unification budget
HB2706CALTCS; licensed nursing assistants
HB2707Chumanitarian services special plates
HB2709CCTEDs; nonprofits; private postsecondary institutions
HB2757Ctax provisions; omnibus.
HB2758Cempowerment scholarships; qualified school
HB2759Cappropriations; direct services; referrals
HCM2006Cpostal service; urging independence
HCR2010CArizona school choice week
HCR2032Cholocaust education; support; schools
HCR2035COfficer Clayton Townsend; death resolution
HM2003Cbifurcated voter registration
HR2001CGrand Canyon park; 100th anniversary.
SB1014CEnglish language learners; instruction; budgeting
SB1030Cremote online notarization; registration
SB1099Cpatriotic youth groups; school access
SB1450Cgrants; invasive vegetation eradication.
(NOW: invasive vegetation eradication; grants)
SB1482Cstate agencies; fee increase; limit