House Member

Personal Information:
Home City: Payson
Occupation: Retired, City of Safford Accounting & Materials Management
Member Since: 2011

Born in Safford, Arizona, Representative Barton is a fifth generation native of rural eastern Arizona. In 1871, her great-great grandfather established the first crossing on the Colorado River. In 1880, the family settled in Lee Valley near Greer in the White Mountains. Allen F. Smithson, her maternal great-great grandfather rests in the Lebanon cemetery just west of the family's historic homestead in Artesia where Representative Barton spent her early years.

In the late 1980s, she began her career in public service with the City of Safford. During the end of her tenure with the City of Safford, Rep. Barton led a group of employees in writing the City of Safford's Vision Statement. It was subsequently adopted by the City Council.

By the mid-1990s, public events drew her into political activism and she became an elected officer of People for the West, a land rights group. Representative Barton is a veteran of the Sage-Brush Rebellion that swept the Western Lands States from the 1970s into the 1990s.

Political experience: Graduate, Western Legislative Academy; AZ director, Women in Government; Region III director, AZ Federation of Republican Women; 2009 graduate, Dodie Londen Excellence in Public Service Series; 2008 delegate to the AZ State Republican Convention; precinct committeewoman; president, Graham County Republican Women; legislative chairwoman, Graham County Republican Woman; secretary, People for the West, Graham County Chapter; secretary, Legislative District 8 (Cochise & Graham Counties).

Memberships: Nat’l Council of State Legislators, Heartland Institute, American Legislative Exchange Council, AZ Citizens Defense League, AZ Federation of Republican Women.

Political influence: There isn’t a single individual, rather a mosaic of characters and individuals who have contributed to my continuing evolution as a political professional.

Job creation measures: The role of the government is not to create jobs, rather to facilitate a business environment in which job creation may flourish. To that end, we should consider reducing the burden of unnecessary regulations on business and ensure a well-educated and prepared workforce inventory.

Top Issues: Building a strong state economy coupled with the conservation of our quality of life in Arizona.

Representative Barton resides with her husband Bruce in the beautiful rim country of Payson, Arizona. They have two grown children and six grandchildren.

Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2107Cprescription drug costs; patient notification
(NOW: pharmacies; practices; pharmacy benefits managers)
HB2110Cuniversities; governing boards
HB2170Cboxing; mixed martial arts; continuation
HB2210Cpublic lands; ownership; control; litigation
HB2211Cbankruptcy exemption; personal property
HB2212Cfirearm possession; peace officers; definition
HB2215P*veterinary medical examining board; continuation
HB2236Cmilitary pensions; increase; tax subtraction
HB2261Cveterinary faculty members; licensure requirements
HB2262Ccondominiums; termination; appraisals
HB2267Cappropriation; noncertified livestock inspectors
(NOW: livestock inspectors; appropriation)
HB2269Ctax policy review; reform; recommendations
HB2271Ccharitable solicitations; disclosures
HB2273Cpublic employees; compensation; cap
HB2274Ccounty contributions; hospitalization; medical; repeal
HB2275Clegislators; subsistence; federal rate
HB2333Chome-based businesses; local regulation
HB2350CJTEDs; 9th grade; workforce need
HB2439Ccounty contributions; committed youth; repeal
HB2460Ccharter schools; vacant buildings; equipment
HB2461Czoning regulations; private schools
HB2498Chistoric preservation; rangeland improvements; requirements
HB2500Creal estate signs; cities; counties
HB2503P*building code exemptions; public notice
HB2509P*Lees Ferry bell; governmental mall.
HB2514CHURF distribution; cities, towns, counties
HB2556Cenvironment; water quality; brine
HB2578Cdamaged school facilities; replacement; grants
HB2589Cdepartment of gaming omnibus
HB2597Cmarijuana violation; classification
HB2629Cyouth entrepreneurship; pilot program; appropriation
HCR2006Cfour-year terms; legislature.
HCR2009Cobscenity; sex trafficking; minors; protection
HCR2014Cclosed primary elections
HCR2016Clegislators; salaries
HCR2030Cveterans; missing remains
HCR2038Cmaternal mental health
HCR2044Cdeath resolution: Minnie A. Griffin
HR2001CRobert Rene Robles; death resolution
SB1063Cproduce safety rule; state administration
SB1377Cdental therapy; licensure; regulation
SB1394CDHS; reporting; abortions
SB1412Cunclaimed property; electric cooperatives; credits
SB1420Cmedical marijuana; inspection; testing; appropriation
SB1445CAHCCCS; dental care; pregnant women
SB1517Cstate dinosaur; Sonorasaurus