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Sheriff Larry Dever

Cochise County Sheriff's Office

Cochise County

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Sheriff Dever is a native Cochise County resident, born and raised in the town of St. David, AZ where he currently resides.  He and his wife, Nancy, a retired Special Educational Administrator and Educational Consultant, are proud parents of six fine sons.  The oldest serves as a Major in the US Army, three work for AZ law enforcement agencies, one as a Firefighter, and one attending college.  They also have five wonderful daughter-in-laws and eleven grandchildren.

Sheriff Dever is a 34-year Cochise County law enforcement veteran.  He was elected to his first term as Sheriff in 1996, following a distinguished 20-year career working in the trenches of Cochise County law enforcement.  Entering the profession as a deputy in 1976, Sheriff Dever rose through the ranks from sergeant to major before successfully seeking political office and being re-elected to a forth term in the year 2008.

During his tenure as a deputy, Sheriff Dever was privileged to direct the development of several new and innovative Sheriff's Department programs and activities.  These include:

  •     Organize, develop and direct the Sheriff's Departments, S.W.A.T. and Search and Rescue Teams.
  •     Organize and direct a multi-agency federal, state and local Law enforcement counter narcotics unit.
  •     Lead and supervise all Sheriff's Department law enforcement acitivities.
  •     Develop and support the implementation of the very successful Sheriff's Assist Team using trained volunteers to support the   Sheriff's Department in the county.

As Sheriff, his administration has been particularly challenged by a tremendous influx of illegal immigration and associated casualties in the area.  He has been called upon to testify before Congress on several separate occasions regarding these issues and has assumed a forward leadership role in attempting to bring resolution to related local concerns.  He serves on the National Sheriff Association's Board of Directors and was elected because of his strong leadership role in Border Law Enforcement Issues.

His professional and community affiliations include:

  • Member of Board of Director's National Sheriff's Association
  • Past President of the Arizona Sheriff's Association
  • Chairman, National Sheriff's Association Immigration/Border Security Committe
  • Chairman, Southwestern Border Sheriff's Coalition
  • Western States Sheriff's Association
  • International Association of Chiefs of Police
  • National Association of Search and Rescue
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • National Rifle Associationl
  • Past Member Arizona Peace Officer Memorial Board

The thematic statement in his Department's mission statement comes from a quote from Sir Winston Churchill:
"It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required."