Responsibilities of the Council

Under the direction of an Executive Director appointed by the Council, the staff of the Council:

  • Prepare all bills, memorials and resolutions and numerous amendments for consideration during each legislative session.
  • Review every law passed by the Legislature, make clerical corrections and draft explanatory notes where appropriate before delivering the office a version of the laws for publication.
  • Perform legal and other research at the request of legislators.
  • Publish annual editions of the following reports: Arizona Legislative Bill Drafting Manual, the Annual Report on Defects in the Arizona Revised Statutes and State Constitution and the Digest of Laws.
  • Perform the enrolling and engrossing bills, memorials and resolutions.
  • Provide computer support for the House of Representatives, the Senate and the Joint Legislative Budget Committee.
  • Maintain an Internet site for the Legislature. The site provides a variety of detailed information regarding the content and status of bills and the activities of legislative committees.
  • Provide management and other support services for various legislative buildings and properties.


Arizona Legislative Council

1700 West Washington Street

Suite 100

Phoenix, AZ 85007

(Fax) 602-926-4803