REFERENCE TITLE: voting; elections; tally; prohibition





State of Arizona

House of Representatives

Fifty-sixth Legislature

First Regular Session





HB 2552


Introduced by

Representatives Smith: Biasiucci, Bliss, Carbone, Carter, Chaplik, Diaz, Dunn, Gillette, Grantham, Gress, Griffin, Harris, Heap, Hendrix, Jones, Livingston, Marshall, Martinez, McGarr, Montenegro, Nguyen, Parker B, Parker J, Payne, Peņa, Pingerelli, Toma, Wilmeth, Senators Farnsworth, Gowan, Hoffman, Kern, Kerr, Mesnard, Rogers, Shamp, Shope, Wadsack









An Act


amending title 16, chapter 4, article 10, Arizona Revised Statutes, by adding section 16-605; relating to voting.





Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Arizona:

Section 1. Title 16, chapter 4, article 10, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended by adding section 16-605, to read:

START_STATUTE16-605. Elections; prohibited voting methods

A. For every election held in this state, the person who receives the highest number of legal votes shall be declared elected.

B. This state or a city, town, county or political subdivision of this state may not use any of the following voting methods in an election or nomination process for any state, city, town, county or federal office that does any of the following:

1. Allows voters to select or rank, designate or otherwise indicate approval of or preference for more candidates than are eligible to be declared elected for any office.

2. allows ballots cast to be tabulated in any manner that involves the elimination of candidates through multiple rounds of tabulation or the transfer or redistribution of votes between or among candidates.

3. Requires the ranking of every candidate for an office as a condition of a voter's vote being counted in the final tally.  END_STATUTE