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Fifty-Fifth Legislature, Second Regular Session




nonnative species eradication; projects; appropriation


Appropriates $15,000,000 from the state General Fund (state GF) in FY 2023 to the Nonnative Vegetation Species Eradication Fund (Fund) for projects in and along a portion of the Gila River.


The Department of Forestry and Fire Management (DFFM) administers the Fund, which consists of legislative appropriations for eradication projects. DFFM must: 1) monitor and oversee specific eradication projects for which the Legislature appropriates monies into the Fund; 2) provide grants to other Arizona agencies, political subdivisions and nonprofit organizations for eradication projects to assist in fire and flooding prevention, replace invasive vegetation species with native vegetation species and restore habitat to wildlife; and 3) establish application procedures and qualification criteria for the grants (A.R.S. § 37-1309).

H.B. 2539 appropriates $15,000,000 from the state GF in FY 2023 to the Fund.


1.   Appropriates $15,000,000 from the state GF in FY 2023 to the Fund for nonnative vegetation invasive species eradication projects:

a)   in and along the portion of the Gila River between the western boundary of Avondale and the bridge over the Gila River at State Route 85; and

b)   for which DFFM serves as the fiscal agent and contractor.

2.   Stipulates that eradication projects include projects to:

a)   replace nonnative vegetation invasive species with native vegetation species; and

b)   restore habitat for wildlife.

3.   Allows DFFM to subcontract the eradication and other required services to expedite an eradication project.

4.   Exempts the appropriation from lapsing, except for all monies remaining unencumbered or unexpended.

5.   Reverts, on June 30, 2025, all monies remaining unencumbered or unexpended from the appropriation to the state GF.

6.   Makes technical changes.

7.   Becomes effective on the general effective date.

House Action

LARA             1/31/22      DPA       10-0-1-0

3rd Read          2/24/22                     59-0-1

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March 14, 2022

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