House Engrossed


school psychologists; exemption




State of Arizona

House of Representatives

Fifty-fifth Legislature

Second Regular Session










An Act


amending section 32-2075, Arizona Revised Statutes; relating to the state board of psychologist examiners.





Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Arizona:

Section 1. Section 32-2075, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended to read:

START_STATUTE32-2075. Exemptions from licensure

A. This chapter does not limit the activities, services and use of a title by the following:

1. A school psychologist who is employed by or contracted to provide services in a common school, high school, or charter school or other educational institution setting that serves pupils in prekindergarten or kindergarten programs or any of grades one through twelve and who is certified to use that title by the department of education if the services or activities are a part of the duties of that person's common school, high school or charter school employment or contract with the common school, high school, charter school or other educational institution setting.

2. An employee of a government agency in a subdoctorate position who uses the word "assistant" or "associate" after the title and who is supervised by a doctorate position employee who is licensed as a psychologist, including a temporary licensee.

3. A student of psychology who is pursuing an official course of graduate study at an educational institution accredited as provided in section 32-2071, if after the title the word "trainee", "intern" or "extern" appears and the student uses the title only in conjunction with activities and services that are a part of the supervised program.

4. A person who resides outside of this state and who is currently licensed or certified to practice psychology at the independent level by a licensing jurisdiction of the United States or Canada if the activities and services conducted in this state are within the psychologist's customary area of practice, do not exceed twenty days per year and are not otherwise in violation of this chapter and the client or patient, the public or the consumer is informed of the limited nature of these activities and services and that the psychologist is not licensed in this state. A person may exceed the twenty-day limitation requirement limit of this paragraph to assist in public service that is related to a disaster as acknowledged by the board.

5. A person in the employ of who is employed by Arizona state university, northern Arizona university, the university of Arizona or another regionally accredited university in this state or who is in other institutional services if the services are a part of the faculty duties of that person's salaried position, with the exception of faculty providing direct services or faculty providing supervision of students providing direct services, and the person has received a doctoral degree as provided in section 32-2071. 

6. A supervisee who is pursuing a supervised professional experience pursuant to section 32-2071, subsection G if the services or activities are provided under the direct supervision of a licensed psychologist who is has been licensed or certified for at least two years and who is competent in the areas of professional practice in which the supervisee is receiving supervised professional experience, if clients or patients are informed of the training nature of the services provided and if the supervisee has a title that designates that person's training status.

B. This chapter does not prevent a member of other recognized professions that are licensed, certified or regulated under the laws of this state from rendering services within that person's scope of practice and code of ethics if that person does not claim to be a psychologist. END_STATUTE