REFERENCE TITLE: elections; special districts; technical correction




State of Arizona

House of Representatives

Fifty-fifth Legislature

First Regular Session




HB 2468


Introduced by

Representative Barton





amending section 16-408, Arizona Revised Statutes; relating to elections and electors.





Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Arizona:

Section 1.  Section 16-408, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended to read:

START_STATUTE16-408.  Cost of special district elections; bond

A.  The cost of all special district elections provided in this title, including the preparation of ballots and signature comparison, shall be charged against the funds of the special district pursuant to law.

B.  At the time of filing a petition for the formation of a special district, or at any time thereafter but before publication of the call of election, a bond shall be filed by the petitioners, with security approved by the board of supervisors, sufficient to pay the expenses connected with the proceedings in case the election to form the district fails.

C.  If at any time during the proceedings the board determines the bond to be insufficient, it may order the filing of an additional bond within a fixed time.

D.  The governing body of any election special district authorized to conduct an election may contract with the board of supervisors and county recorder for election services.  The contracted cost of such special elections shall be a charge against the election special district. END_STATUTE