State Seal2 copy            Bill Number: S.B. 1828

             Rios Floor Amendment

            Reference to: printed bill

            Amendment drafted by: Sean Laux





Eliminates provisions relating to the flat income tax rates.


Eliminates the provisions reducing the class 1 property tax assessment ratio.


Eliminates the provision increasing the Homeowner’s Rebate.


Eliminates the increase in the aggregate dollar amount of the Credit for Contributions to STOs for Displaced or Disabled Students to $6 million, from $5 million.


Eliminates the expanded eligibility for educational scholarships and tuition grants awarded through the individual switcher STO credit or the corporate low-income STO credit.


Eliminates the increase to the corporate low-income STO scholarship or tuition grant cap amount.


Eliminates the increase to the corporate low-income STO scholarship or tuition grant cap annual increase to $200, rather than $100.


Eliminates the income tax deduction for the amount included in federal taxable income of the contribution in aid of construction and advance in aid of construction for water and wastewater utilities.


Eliminates the extension of the date that the expanded fees or contributions paid by a taxpayer may be included in the amount of the PublicSchool Extracurricular Activity Fees Tax Credit.


Eliminates the provisions establishing an individual and corporate income tax credit for processing qualifying forest products.


Eliminates the requirement that, to be eligible for the Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit for CY 2021, a taxpayer apply to ADOR before February 7 of the year following the CY for which the credit is being requested.


Eliminates the increase to the cap of assessed valuation that a fire district board must levy against all property situated within the district boundaries and appearing on the last assessment roll.


Eliminates the provisions expanding the TPT and use tax deduction for pollution prevention, monitoring, control and land reduction machinery and equipment to include “containment structures”.


Eliminates the reduction in the maximum weeks a recipient is eligible to receive unemployment benefits.


Eliminates the prohibition that an individual's unemployment insurance benefit amount may not be redetermined during the person's benefit year because of a new maximum or minimum weekly benefit amount becoming effective during the person's benefit year.


Eliminates the conditional enactment related to the unemployment insurance benefit changes.


Fifty-fifth Legislature                                                      Rios

First Regular Session                                                   S.B. 1828




(Reference to printed bill)


Page 1, strike lines 2 through 45

Strike pages 2 and 3

Page 4, strike lines 1 through 23

Renumber to conform

Page 14, line 20, after the period striker remainder of the line

Strike lines 21 and 22

Strike lines 31 through 43

Page 15, strike lines 1 though 4

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Page 22, strike lines 21 through 44

Strike pages 23 through 77

Page 78, strike lines 1 through 12

Renumber to conform

Page 79, strike lines 23 through 45

Strike pages 80 through 91

Page 92, strike lines 1 through 9

Renumber to conform

Page 94, strike lines 8 through 44

Strike pages 95 through 102

Page 103, strike lines 1 through 12

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Page 104, strike lines 8 through 45

Strike pages 105 through 113

Page 114, strike lines 1 through 39

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Page 115, strike lines 1 through 20

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Page 115, strike lines 24 through 29

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Page 115, strike lines 33 through 45

Page 116, strike lines 1 and 2

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Page 116, strike lines 17 through 38

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