REFERENCE TITLE: supporting refugees





State of Arizona


Fifty-fourth Legislature

Second Regular Session




SCR 1024


Introduced by

Senators Navarrete: Alston, Bowie, Bradley, Contreras, Dalessandro, Gonzales, Mendez, Peshlakai, Rios, Steele; Representatives Andrade, Jermaine, Lieberman, Pawlik, Teller, Terán





supporting refugees in the state of arizona.





Whereas, on December 6, 2019, Governor Doug Ducey consented to resettling refugees in Arizona pursuant to the terms of Executive Order No. 13888, entitled "On Enhancing State and Local Involvement in Resettlement," issued by President Donald Trump on September 26, 2019; and

Whereas, refugees arriving in the United States have been vetted and approved by the appropriate national security agencies and the United States Department of State and have been granted legal entry to make a new home in the land of the free; and

Whereas, in keeping with our country's values and respect for human rights, there has been a long bipartisan tradition of welcoming refugees to the United States; and

Whereas, the economic and social strength of America and Arizona derives in large part from the diversity of our citizenry and the patriotic energy of those who have fled from war and terror over the centuries to come to a new home that welcomed them as a beacon of liberty; and

Whereas, having resettled more than 80,000 individuals from dozens of countries since 1978, Arizona already hosts a diverse community of refugees who represent many different religions, cultures and languages; and

Whereas, refugees contribute enormously to Arizona's economy in various ways as members of the state's workforce, as homeowners, as business owners and entrepreneurs, by paying taxes, as consumers in the nation's marketplace and by revitalizing struggling local Arizona communities; and

Whereas, there are 25.9 million refugees in the world today, more than at any other time since World War II, and more than half of these refugees are children; and

Whereas, refugees do not leave their homes by choice but have been forced to flee because of a "well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group"; and

Whereas, current policies have reduced admissions quotas pursuant to the United States Bipartisan Refugee Resettlement Program to a historic low number of 18,000 refugee admissions in 2019, compared to the typical average of 95,000 annually; and

Whereas, we must continue to support a stronger national effort to resettle the world's most vulnerable refugees so that our state and nation can benefit from their entrepreneurial energy as our newest and most grateful residents.


Be it resolved by the Senate of the State of Arizona, the House of Representatives concurring:

That the Members of the Legislature welcome and declare their support for resettling refugees who are placed in Arizona through the federal Refugee Resettlement Program.