Senate Engrossed




State of Arizona


Fifty-fourth Legislature

Second Regular Session









A concurrent RESOLUTION


supporting border security.





Whereas, the State of Arizona is one of four states that share a southern border with Mexico, and thus is directly subject to the lack of security on that border; and

Whereas, a strong, secure border benefits both the United States and Mexico; and

Whereas, the well-being and safety of the citizens of Arizona and Mexico are being jeopardized by the unsecure nature of the southern border; and

Whereas, the federal government continuously fails to do its job in securing the southern border in a manner that is permanent and maintainable; and

Whereas, it is integral to the security, well-being and harmony of the people of Arizona to sustain a secure southern border; and

Whereas, the dedicated individuals of the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) work diligently and honorably to secure the southern border in the most efficient and humane manner; and

Whereas, ill-motivated individuals continuously seek to cause harm, danger, injury, hazard and peril to those who protect Arizona's borders; and

Whereas, those who cross Arizona's southern border without regard for the immigration process circumvent the individuals who show respect for the rule of law; and

Whereas, these same individuals defy the right of the United States to control its own sovereign territory and regulate the happenings within its rightful borders; and

Whereas, the smuggling of drugs; contraband and weapons, coupled with habitual human trafficking, have plagued Arizona's southern border as well as Mexico's northern border; and

Whereas, in fiscal year 2019, the United States Border Patrol seized more than 289,000 pounds of marijuana, 89,000 pounds of cocaine, 5,400 pounds of heroin and 68,000 pounds of methamphetamine; and

Whereas, these illegal drugs are sold, spread and dispersed within the American citizenry as drug overdoses and abuse rates reach the highest levels on record in the United States; and

Whereas, the practice of so-called sanctuary cities to harbor these dangerous individuals will never be exercised in Arizona; and

Whereas, without the federal government's strict and decisive action against these dangerous threats, the criminal element will be willing and able to further exploit the opportunity to enter and harm the United States; and

Whereas, the notion that the criminal element could continuously enter the United States through the great State of Arizona with the intent to harm the citizenry is both repugnant and unacceptable.


Be it resolved by the Senate of the State of Arizona, the House of Representatives concurring:

That the Members of the Legislature express their support for the investment of necessary resources by the federal government to ensure a secure, strong and safe southern border for the State of Arizona.