SB 1100: insurance; living organ donors

PRIME SPONSOR: Senator Carter, LD 15

BILL STATUS: Transmitted to Governor



☐ Prop 105 (45 votes)	     ☐ Prop 108 (40 votes)      ☐ Emergency (40 votes)	☐ Fiscal NoteProhibits a life, disability or long-term care insurer from unfairly discriminating against a living organ donor based on the person's status as a living organ donor.


A.R.S. § 20-254 defines life insurance as insurance on human lives and includes the granting of endowment benefits and additional benefits in the event of death or dismemberment by accident or accidental means.

Disability insurance is insurance against a bodily injury, disablement or death by accident or accidental means, or the expense thereof or against disablement or expense form sickness (A.R.S. § 20-253).

Long-term care insurance requires coverage for at least 24 consecutive months and is prohibited from excluding, limiting or reducing the coverage or benefits for specifically named or described preexisting diseases or physical conditions beyond the periods as outlined (A.R.S. § 20-1691.03).

A.R.S. § 20-448 prohibits insurers from unfair discrimination, rejection of an application or refusal of consideration of an individual with hemophilia, genetic conditions, developmental delays or disabilities or who have been victims of domestic violence.


1.       Prohibits an insurer that offers life, disability or long-term care insurance contracts from unfairly discriminating against a living organ donor in the offering, issuance, price or conditions of an insurance policy based solely on that person's status as a living organ donor. (Sec. 1)

2.       Defines a living organ donor. (Sec. 1)

3.       Makes technical and conforming changes. (Sec. 1)



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7.       Fifty-fourth Legislature                       SB 1100

8.       First Regular Session                            Version 4: Transmitted


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