REFERENCE TITLE: highway safety fee; vehicle valuation




State of Arizona

House of Representatives

Fifty-fourth Legislature

First Regular Session




HB 2504


Introduced by

Representatives Shah: Teller, Tsosie





amending section 28‑2007, Arizona Revised Statutes; relating to vehicle registration.





Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Arizona:

Section 1.  Section 28-2007, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended to read:

START_STATUTE28-2007.  Highway safety fee; rulemaking exemption

A.  At the time of application for and before registration each year of a vehicle, the registering officer shall collect a highway safety fee in an amount that is based on the vehicle's value and that is to be determined by the director annually for each fiscal year.  The director shall deposit, pursuant to sections 35‑146 and 35‑147, all monies collected pursuant to this section in the Arizona highway patrol fund established by section 41-1752.  The highway safety fee shall fully fund one hundred ten percent of the department of public safety highway patrol budget for each fiscal year less any prior unencumbered balance in the Arizona highway patrol fund established by section 41‑1752 that exceeds ten percent of the prior year's deposits of highway safety fee monies pursuant to this section.

B.  The department is exempt from the rulemaking requirements of title 41, chapter 6 for the purpose of determining the highway safety fee pursuant to this section. END_STATUTE

Sec. 2.  Requirements for enactment; two-thirds vote

Pursuant to article IX, section 22, Constitution of Arizona, this act is effective only on the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the members of each house of the legislature and is effective immediately on the signature of the governor or, if the governor vetoes this act, on the subsequent affirmative vote of at least three-fourths of the members of each house of the legislature.