State Seal2 copy            Bill Number: H.B. 2556

            Kerr Floor Amendment

            Reference to: House engrossed bill

            Amendment drafted by: Leg Council





1.    Excludes the following from the definition of general agricultural purposes, as applicable to the prohibition against a county ordinance regulating agricultural land that is five or more contiguous commercial acres:

a)    food establishments authorized by the Department of Health Services that are associated with an agritourism business; and

b)   ticketed rodeo events that are open to the general public, not including livestock and equine operations.

2.    Requires the agritourism activities to be directly related to the commercial agricultural business and occur on property that is classified as Agricultural Real Property, in order for the activities to classify as agritourism included in the agricultural real property classification.

3.    Removes entertainment from permitted agricultural activities that qualify for the agritourism classification.

4.    Makes technical and conforming changes.


Fifty-fourth Legislature                                                     Kerr

First Regular Session                                                   H.B. 2556




(Reference to House engrossed bill)


Page 1, line 11, strike ", entertainment"

Line 13, strike "activities" insert "produce"

Line 14, after "attractions" insert "occurring on property defined as agricultural real property pursuant to section 42‑12151"

Line 15, after "with" insert "and directly related to"; strike "the"

Line 16, strike "production for commercial purposes of" insert "producing"

Line 17, after "commodities" insert "for commercial purposes"

Line 34, strike "(i)" insert "(a)"

Line 35, after "include" insert "any of the following:

(i)  Food establishments under the authority of the department of health services pursuant to section 36‑136, subsection I that are associated with an agritourism business.

(ii)  Rodeo events that are open to the general public and that sell tickets for admission.  For the purposes of this item, rodeo events do not include generally accepted agricultural practices associated with livestock and equine operations.


Line 38, strike "(ii)" insert "(b)"

Amend title to conform






3:15 PM

C: ed