Fifty-third Legislature                                Commerce and Public Safety

Second Regular Session                                                  S.B. 1519




(Reference to proposed Smith s/e amendment dated 4/17/2018; 2:28 p.m.)


Page 5, line 30, after "means" strike remainder of line

Line 31, strike "in death or serious physical injury or"

Line 32, after "instrument" insert "that results in serious physical injury or death"

Page 7, line 27, after "the" insert "unlawful"

Page 8, line 18, strike the second "MAY"

Line 19, strike "request and, if requested, you"

Page 9, line 4, after the period, insert "the respondent shall have the opportunity upon arriving at the evaluation agency to communicate with others regarding their apprehension."

Line 6, strike "has a right to" insert "will have"

Line 13, after "D." strike remainder of line

Line 14, strike "shall notify the court of the request and"

Page 10, line 4, after the period strike remainder of line

Strike lines 5 through 7

Page 12, line 23, after "D." insert "the respondent shall be informed that the respondent may refuse to participate in the evaluation and that a hearing shall be held."

Page 14, line 22, after "proceedings" strike remainder of line

Line 23, strike "and"

Page 16, line 17, strike "4" insert "5"

Page 21, line 14, strike "shall" insert "may"

Page 22, line 26, strike "governing board" insert "school administrator"; strike "district"; strike "the governing body of"

Line 27, strike "the board of directors for"

Amend title to conform






03:49 PM

S: JA/lat