Fifty-third Legislature                       Natural Resources, Energy and Water

Second Regular Session                                                  S.B. 1515




(Reference to printed bill)


Page 2, strike lines 14 through 24, insert:

"4.  For a county that is not in an active management area:

(a)  the board shall review the provision and after review may by unanimous vote at a public meeting vote not to readopt the provision.  The review shall occur not more than five years after the effective date of this amendment to this section AND at least EVERY TEN YEARS THEREAFTER, but not more frequently than every five years thereafter.

(b)  If the board does not vote UNANIMOUSLY not to readopt the PROVISION or if the board after review does not vote on the provision, the provision remains in effect.

(c)  If the board VOTES unanimously not to readopt the provision, the provision has no further force and subsection A of this section does not apply IF ALL OF THE FOLLOWING APPLY AT THE TIME of the vote:"

Line 25, strike "(a)" insert "(i)"

Line 27, strike "(b)" insert "(ii)"

Line 28, strike "subdivision" insert "item"

Line 30, strike "(c)" insert "(iii)"

Line 33, strike "(d)" insert "(iv)"

Line 37, strike "(e)" insert "(v)"

Line 43, strike "(f)" insert "(vi)"

Page 3, line 3, strike "(g)" insert "(vii)"

Line 7, strike "(h)" insert "(viii)"

Between lines 10 and 11, insert:

"5.  The board shall give written notice of any vote not to readopt the provision to the director of water resources, the director of environmental quality and the state real estate commissioner if the PROVISION is no longer in effect as prescribed in paragraph 4 of this subsection."

Renumber to conform

Amend title to conform







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