State Seal2 copy            Bill Number: S.B. 1451

            Barto Floor Amendment

            Reference to: printed bill

            Amendment drafted by: Leg Council





1.    Establishes that it is unlawful for a person, health care provider, health care facility or sober living home, when providing or offering substance use disorder services, to offer, pay, solicit or receive any cash or in-kind consideration in return for referring a patient to or from a sober living home.


2.    Modifies the proposed penalty structure to classify violations as felonies rather than civil penalties.


Fifty-third Legislature                                                     Barto

Second Regular Session                                                  S.B. 1451




(Reference to printed bill)


Page 1, line 2, strike "44" insert "13"; strike "10" insert "37"

Line 3, strike "article 11" insert "section 13‑3730"

Strike line 4

Line 5, strike "44‑1581.  Prohibited" insert "13‑3730.  Unlawful"; strike "exceptions; civil"

Line 6, strike "penalty" insert "classification"

Line 7, after "A." insert "It is unlawful for"

Line 8, strike "structured"; strike "may not:" insert "when providing or offering substance use disorder services, to"

Line 9, strike "1."; strike the first "or" insert a comma; after "pay" strike remainder of line

Strike lines 10 through 13

Line 14, strike "2." insert a comma

Line 17, strike "(a)" insert "1."; strike "patronage" insert "clients"; strike "heaLth care"

Line 18, strike "provider, health care facility or structured"

Strike lines 19 through 45

Page 2, strike lines 1 through 17, insert:

"2.  Accepting or acknowledging the enrollment of a patient or client for substance use disorder services at a sober living home."

Reletter to conform

Line 18, strike "person who violates" insert "violation of"; after "section" insert "is"

Strike lines 19 through 29, insert:

"1.  A class 3 felony if the consideration has a value of one thousand dollars or more.

2.  A class 4 felony if the consideration has a value of more than one hundred dollars but less than one thousand dollars.

3.  A class 6 felony if the consideration has a value of one hundred dollars or less."

Page 2, line 30, strike "structured"

Strike line 31, insert "means any premises, place or building that provides alcohol-free or drug-free housing and that:

1.  Promotes independent living and life skills development.

2.  May provide activities that are directed primarily toward recovery from substance use disorders.

3.  Provides a supervised setting to a group of unrelated individuals who are recovering from substance use disorders.

4.  Does not provide any medical or clinical services or medication administration on-site, except for verification of abstinence."

Amend title to conform







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