SB 1167: merit council; law enforcement; qualifications

PRIME SPONSOR: Senator Griffin, LD 14

BILL STATUS: House Engrossed



BOS – Board of Supervisors
Council – Merit System Council for Law 	Enforcement Officers
Department – branch of government in which 	the officer is employed
Amendments – BOLD and Stricken (Committee)


☐ Prop 105 (45 votes)	     ☐ Prop 108 (40 votes)      ☐ Emergency (40 votes)	☐ Fiscal NoteRelating to the powers and duties of Merit System Councils for law enforcement officers.


1.       Requires a Council to:

a.       Review, rather than fix, standards and qualifications for positions;

b.       Work on a recommendation from the head of the Department when classifying positions and recommending salary schedules;

c.        Recommend any changes to the Human Resources Director;

d.       Work in consultation with the head of the Department when providing a plan for fair and impartial selection, appointment, retention, separation or removal from service of law enforcement officers. (Sec. 1)

2.       Requires a Council to provide a plan of recommendations for promotion of law enforcement officers. (Sec. 1)

o   Currently, a Council must provide a plan for promotion, rather than providing recommendations (A.R.S. § 38-1003).

3.       Makes technical and conforming changes. (Sec. 1)

Current Law

Municipalities and counties that meet certain criteria must have a Council, consisting of five members appointed by the governing body of the jurisdiction.  Council members are required to have recognized knowledgeable interest in the merit principles of personnel administration (A.R.S. § 38-1002).  The powers and duties of the Council include, but are not limited to: 1.) classifying all positions occupied by law enforcement officers; 2) recommending schedules of salary and compensation; 3.) fixing standards and qualifications of all positions; and 4.) providing a plan for promotion of law enforcement officers which must consider certain criteria (A.R.S. § 38-1003).  The requirement to establish a Council does not apply to the following jurisdictions:

·         A county with a population of less than 250,000, unless the BOS does so by resolution;

·         A city or town with a population of less than 15,000 or with a full-time police force of less than 15, unless the council does so by ordinance; and

·         A city or town in which there is a merit system or civil service plan for employees (A.R.S. § 38-1007).

Any city or town that wishes to use the services of the county Council can apply to the BOS and pay their proportionate share of expenses (A.R.S. § 38-1006).



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Fifty-third Legislature                  SB 1167

Second Regular Session                               Version 3: House Engrossed


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