Fifty-third Legislature                         Transportation and Infrastructure

Second Regular Session                                                  H.B. 2307




(Reference to printed bill)



Page 5, line 2, strike "dismantles" insert "removes parts for resale for"

Page 13, line 18, after "title" insert "; violation; classification;"

Line 24, after "have" insert "the paper certificate of"

Line 28, after the second "the" insert "paper certificate of"

Page 14, strike lines 26 through 44

Reletter to conform

Page 15, line 3, strike "with the department"

Line 4, after the period strike remainder of line

Strike lines 5 through 8

Line 9, strike "agency contacts the seller and provides further handling instructions."

Line 24, after the period strike remainder of line

Strike line 25

Line 26, strike "information prescribed by this subsection."

Line 38, strike "the department shall report or disclose"

Line 39, strike "G" insert "F"; strike "as follows:"

Strike lines 40 through 43

Line 44, strike "canceling certificates of title.  otherwise this information"

Page 16, lines 2 and 6, after "under" insert "subsection B of"

Line 14, strike "K" insert "J"

Line 27, after the period strike remainder of line

Strike lines 28 and 29, insert:

"L.  The seller of material from scrap vehicles shall certify to the purchaser that all scrap vehicles used for the material in the sale have been properly reported to the department or the national motor vehicle title information system."

Page 23, line 4, strike the second comma

Line 5, after "vehicles" insert a comma

Strike lines 11 through 16, insert:

"7.  "Scrap vehicle" means a vehicle that has been reported to the national vehicle title information system and that has been flattened, crushed, baled or logged so that the vehicle is less than fifty percent of its original volume, is no longer the vehicle that is described by the certificate of title and is sold for purposes of scrap metal only."

Amend title to conform








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