PREFILED    DEC 12 2017

REFERENCE TITLE: outdoor advertising prohibitions




State of Arizona


Fifty-third Legislature

Second Regular Session




SB 1032


Introduced by

Senator Farnsworth D





amending section 28‑7903, Arizona Revised Statutes; relating to advertising regulation.





Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Arizona:

Section 1.  Section 28-7903, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended to read:

START_STATUTE28-7903.  Outdoor advertising prohibited

A.  Outdoor advertising shall not be placed or maintained adjacent to the interstate, secondary or primary systems at the following locations or positions, under any of the following conditions or if the outdoor advertising is of the following nature:

1.  If it is within view of, directed at and intended to be read from the main traveled way of the interstate, primary or secondary systems, except outdoor advertising authorized under section 28‑7902.

2.  If it is visible from the main traveled way and simulates or imitates a directional, warning, danger or information sign permitted under this article, if it is likely to be mistaken for any such permitted sign or if it is intended or likely to be construed as giving warning to traffic, such as by the use of the words "stop" or "slow down".

3.  If it is within any stream or drainage channel or below the flood water level of any stream or drainage channel where the outdoor advertising might be deluged by floodwaters and swept under any highway structure crossing the stream or drainage channel or against the supports of the highway structure.

4.  If it is visible from the main traveled way and displays a red, flashing, blinking, intermittent or moving light, except as provided in section 28‑7902, subsection E, or lights likely to be mistaken for a warning or danger signal, except that part necessary to give public service information such as time, date, weather, temperature or similar information.

5.  If an illumination on the outdoor advertising is of such brilliance and in such a position as to blind or dazzle the vision of travelers on the main traveled way.

6.  If it exists under a permit as required by this article and is not maintained in safe condition.

7.  If it is obviously abandoned.

8.  If it is placed in a manner that either:

(a)  Obstructs or otherwise physically interferes with an official traffic sign, signal or device.

(b)  Obstructs or physically interferes with the vision of drivers in approaching, merging or intersecting traffic.

9.  If it is placed on trees or painted or drawn on rocks or other natural features, except signs permitted by section 28‑7902, subsection A, paragraph 2.

10.  If it promotes the sale of a substance that is prohibited under the controlled substances act (21 United States Code sections 801 through 904).

B.  At interchanges on freeways or interstate highways outside municipal limits, an outdoor advertising sign, display or device shall not be erected in the area between the crossroad and a point five hundred feet beyond the beginning or ending of pavement widening at the exit from or entrance to the main traveled way. END_STATUTE