Fifty-third Legislature                                                         

First Regular Session                                                           




(Reference to printed bill)


Page 1, strike lines 2 through 16

Renumber to conform

Line 42, strike the colon

Line 43, strike "(a)"

Page 2, line 1, strike "(i)" insert "(a)"

Line 4, strike "(ii)" insert "(b)"

Strike lines 8 through 18

Line 44, strike "shall"

Strike line 45

Page 3, strike lines 1 through 8

Line 9, strike "to section 19-118" insert "shall collect and submit to the secretary of state each of its circulators' training materials receipts before the filing of completed petitions.  Each person who is a statewide circulator shall acknowledge in writing receipt of the training materials before circulating a petition for signatures.  Failure to provide circulator training materials or failure to submit circulators' training materials receipts is not grounds for removal of signatures or signature sheets"

Line 19, after "any" insert "knowing"

Line 21, strike "ten" insert "one"

Page 4, strike lines 1 through 14

Renumber to conform

Line 17, strike "fund;"

Line 22, after the period strike remainder of line

Strike lines 23 and 24

Line 25, strike "established by subsection I of this section."

Strike lines 39 through 41

Renumber to conform

Page 5, strike lines 1 and 2

Renumber to conform

Line 7, after "signatures" insert ", if known,"

Strike lines 15 through 21

Renumber to conform

Line 22, strike "and the chairman or"

Strike line 23

Line 24, strike "signatures with" insert "on"

Line 27, after "petitions" insert a period strike remainder of line

Strike lines 28 through 31

Strike lines 36 through 41

Reletter to conform

Line 43, strike the colon

Strike lines 44 and 45

Page 6, strike lines 1 and 2

Line 3, strike "3."

Strike lines 30 through 35

Reletter to conform

Line 38, strike "of subsection E"

Page 7, line 43, strike "shall" insert "may"

Strike pages 9 and 10

Page 11, strike lines 1 through 33

Renumber to conform

Amend title to conform






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