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Fifty-Third Legislature, First Regular Session





schools; dyslexia; handbook; definition




Allows the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) to develop and maintain a dyslexia handbook that provides guidance for students, parents and teachers.




Dyslexia is classified as a specific learning disability and defined as a brain-based learning difference that impairs a person's ability to read and spell, that is independent of intelligence and that typically causes a person to read at levels lower than expected (A.R.S. § § 15-701 and 15-761). Characteristics of dyslexia can include the following: 1) difficulty learning to rhyme words; 2) confusion of letters and words with similar visual appearance; 3) difficulty pronouncing some multisyllabic words correctly; and 4) slow word perception that affects reading rate and fluency.


Currently, ADE and the State Board of Education (SBE) are working on the development of a dyslexia guidance document. 


There is no anticipated fiscal impact to the state General Fund associated with this legislation. ADE estimates the development and maintenance of the handbook would cost $30,000 per year.  




1.      Allows ADE, subject to SBE approval, to develop and maintain a handbook that provides guidance for students, parents and teachers regarding dyslexia.


2.      Includes the following in the handbook:

a)         guidelines for teachers and parents to identify dyslexia;

b)         a description of educational strategies that have been shown to improve the academic performance of students with dyslexia; and

c)         a description of dyslexia resources and services that are available to students, parents and teachers.


3.      Redefines dyslexia.


4.      Becomes effective on the general effective date.



Amendments Adopted by Committee


·         Makes structural changes to the definition of dyslexia.


Amendments Adopted by Committee of the Whole


·         Makes a technical change to the definition of dyslexia.


Amendments Adopted by Conference Committee


1.      Allows, rather than requires, ADE to maintain a dyslexia handbook.


2.      Makes a technical change.


House Action                                                              Senate Action


ED                   1/17/17     DP     11-0-0-0                   ED                   3/02/17     DPA     7-0-0

3rd Read          2/09/17               56-2-2                       3rd Read          3/20/17                  27-2-1       


Signed by the Governor 4/26/17

Chaptered 194


Prepared by Senate Research

May 4, 2017