PREFILED    DEC 17 2015

REFERENCE TITLE: school instruction; AIDS; homosexuality




State of Arizona


Fifty-second Legislature

Second Regular Session




SB 1019


Introduced by

Senators Quezada, Dalessandro, Hobbs, Sherwood; Representatives Alston, Andrade, Bolding, Cardenas, Espinoza, Gonzales, Larkin, Mach, Mendez, Rios, Velasquez





amending section 15‑716, Arizona Revised Statutes; RELATING to school curriculum.





Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Arizona:

Section 1.  Section 15-716, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended to read:

START_STATUTE15-716.  Instruction on acquired immune deficiency syndrome; department assistance

A.  Each common, high and unified school district may provide instruction to kindergarten programs through the twelfth grade on acquired immune deficiency syndrome and the human immunodeficiency virus.

B.  Each district is free to develop its own course of study for each grade.  At a minimum, instruction shall:

1.  Be appropriate to the grade level in which it is offered.

2.  Be medically accurate.

3.  Promote abstinence.

4.  Discourage drug abuse.

5.  Dispel myths regarding transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus.

C.  No district shall include in its course of study instruction which:

1.  Promotes a homosexual life‑style.

2.  Portrays homosexuality as a positive alternative life‑style.

3.  Suggests that some methods of sex are safe methods of homosexual sex.

D.  C.  At the request of a school district, the department of health services or the department of education shall review instruction materials to determine their medical accuracy.

E.  D.  At the request of a school district, the department of education shall provide the following assistance:

1.  A suggested course of study.

2.  Teacher training.

3.  A list of available films and other teaching aids.

F.  E.  At the request of a parent, a pupil shall be excused from instruction on the acquired immune deficiency syndrome and the human immunodeficiency virus as provided in subsection A of this section.  The school district shall notify all parents of their ability to withdraw their child from the instruction. END_STATUTE