House of Representatives

HB 2629

supreme court; attorney licensing

Sponsors: Representatives Kern, Townsend, Senator Burges, et al.



Committee on Judiciary


Caucus and COW


House Engrossed


HB 2629 establishes the Supreme Court as the entity responsible for licensing attorneys for the practice of law in Arizona and specifies membership of any organization is not required for attorneys to become or remain a licensed attorney in Arizona.


The State Bar of Arizona was established in 1993 operates under the supervision of the Supreme Court. Approximately 18,000 active attorneys in the state are regulated by the State Bar. Educational and developmental programs for the legal profession and the public are provided by this non-profit organization. The State Bar contains a Lawyer Regulation Department which resolves client-attorney conflicts. Attorneys licensed to practice law in Arizona are active members of the State Bar, excluding attorneys who are inactive, retired, suspended or judicial members.

The Certification and Licensing Division (Division) is one of eight divisions of the Administrative Office of the Courts (A.O.C.). This Division is charged with developing and administering certification and licensing programs for the Supreme Court. The Attorney Admissions Unit is contained within the Division and implements procedures that are required of law school graduates to become certified to practice law in Arizona. The staff assists the Committee on Examinations and the Committee on Character and Fitness of the Supreme Court, both making recommendations to The Supreme Court. The basis of these recommendations often reflect the actions taken by the court. Applicants are admitted to practice law in Arizona by order of the Supreme Court of Arizona (17A A.R.S. Sup.Ct.Rules, Rule 33).

The purpose of the Attorney Discipline is to oversee the reporting of attorney misconduct. Specifically, it deals with attorneys who have not successfully discharged their professional duties (17A A.R.S. Sup.Ct.Rules, Rule 41).


1.      Requires the Supreme Court to license attorneys for the practice of law in Arizona and to adopt the following rules:

  1. Minimum qualifications for licensure.
  2. Testing requirements
  3. Requiring a background investigation before obtaining a license
  4. Disciplining attorneys
  5. Disbarring attorneys

2.      Specifies an attorney is not obligated to be a member of any type of organization in order to become or remain a licensed attorney in Arizona.   



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6.      Fifty-second Legislature

7.      First Regular Session        2          February 16, 2015


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