Fifty-first Legislature                                                    Barton

Second Regular Session                                                  H.B. 2587





I move the following SUBSTITUTE amendment to the AGRICULTURE AND WATER Committee Amendment to

HOUSE BILL 2587 (Reference to printed bill)


Page 1, line 4, after "Livestock" insert "or poultry"

Line 6, strike "or" insert a comma; after "knowingly" insert "or recklessly"

Lines 7 and 9, after "livestock" insert "or poultry"

Strike lines 10 through 14, insert:

"B.  The director or the director's designee shall be notified of any investigation of an alleged violation of this section and after being notified of the investigation may choose to participate or not participate in the investigation."

Reletter to conform

Line 16, after "livestock" insert "or poultry"

Line 19, strike ", to a work animal"

Line 22, after "livestock" insert "or poultry"

Between lines 22 and 23, insert:

"f.  A person who owns or holds livestock or poultry that is not part of an agricultural operation that is regulated by the department under this title may be prosecuted for cruelty to animals pursuant to section 13‑2910."

Reletter to conform

Line 23, strike "violates" insert "commits a first violation of"

Line 24, after the period insert "A person who commits a second or subsequent violation of this section is guilty of a class 6 felony."

Line 26, strike ", including any act involving omission or neglect,"

Page 3, line 1, after "4." insert "lawful"

Line 2, after the second "of" insert "licensed, permitted or regulated"

Line 3, after the third and fifth commas insert "livestock"

Strike lines 25 through 27

Reletter to conform

Line 41, strike "or" insert "and"

Line 42, after "3‑2151" insert "that are part of an agricultural operation that is regulated by the Arizona department of agriculture pursuant to title 3"

Amend title to conform



Brenda Barton






8:58 AM

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