Fifty-first Legislature                                                    APPROP

First Regular Session                                                   S.B. 1363




(Reference to Senate engrossed bill)


Page 1, line 12, after "accredited" insert "public or"

Page 3, line 28, strike "section 15‑943" insert "sections"; after "15‑185" insert "and 15‑943"; after "student" insert "as"

Line 31, strike "section 15‑943" insert "sections"; after "15‑185" insert "and 15‑943"

Page 4, line 21, after the period insert "The department of education shall annually report on its website the graduation rate of students who are enrolled in empowerment scholarship accounts.  Students with an individualized education program shall not be included in the graduation rates prescribed by this subsection unless the disability is classified as a developmental delay, emotional disability, mild intellectual disability, specific learning disability, speech/language impairment or other health impairment, as those terms are defined in section 15‑761."

Line 29, strike "four" insert "six"

Between lines 34 and 35, insert:

"Sec. 3.  Section 15-2403, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended to read:

START_STATUTE15-2403.  Empowerment scholarship accounts; administration; audit; rules

A.  The treasurer may contract with private financial management firms to manage Arizona empowerment scholarship accounts with the supervision of the treasurer.

B.  The department shall conduct or contract for annual audits of a random sample of empowerment scholarship accounts to ensure compliance with section 15‑2402, subsection B, paragraph 4.  The department may also conduct or contract for audits of empowerment scholarship accounts as needed to ensure compliance with section 15‑2402, subsection B, paragraph 4.

C.  The department shall conduct or contract for an annual survey to measure the satisfaction of parents of students who are enrolled in an empowerment scholarship account program.

C.  D.  The department may remove any parent or qualified student from eligibility for an Arizona empowerment scholarship account and shall notify the treasurer.  A parent may appeal the department's decision pursuant to title 41, chapter 6, article 10.

D.  E.  The department may refer cases of substantial misuse of monies to the attorney general for investigation if the department obtains evidence of fraudulent use of an account.

E.  F.  The department shall make quarterly transfers of the amount calculated pursuant to section 15‑2402, subsection C to the treasurer for deposit into the empowerment scholarship account of each qualified student.

F.  G.  The department shall determine a period that is between July 1 and May 1 of each year during which it will accept applications for the following fiscal year.  On or before May 30 of each year, the department shall furnish to the joint legislative budget committee an estimate of the amount required to fund empowerment scholarship accounts for the following fiscal year.  The department shall include in its budget request for the following fiscal year the amount estimated in section 15‑2402, subsection C for each qualified student.

G.  H.  The department may adopt rules and policies necessary for the administration of empowerment scholarship accounts." END_STATUTE

Renumber to conform

Amend title to conform






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