PREFILED    JAN 05 2011

REFERENCE TITLE: border security plan





State of Arizona


Fiftieth Legislature

First Regular Session




SCR 1006


Introduced by

Senators Allen, Gray, Griffin; Representatives Ash, Barton: Senators Driggs, Klein, McComish, Melvin, Murphy, Smith, Yarbrough; Representative Harper





supporting the restore our border (ROB) security plan produced by the arizona cattle growers' association.





Whereas, crime and lawlessness have become rampant along the United States-Mexico border in recent years, and the resulting financial burden on the area's rural citizens and ranching operations has become substantial; and

Whereas, since organized criminals have extended their operations into southern Arizona, the resulting incidents of burglary, home invasions, drug smuggling, human smuggling, murder, extortion and kidnapping have created intolerable levels of fear and frustration among southern Arizona's residents and ranching families; and

Whereas, immediate and meaningful action is needed to establish border security and to begin to address the uncontrolled and dangerous crime levels in the region; and

Whereas, the Arizona Cattle Growers' Association has produced the Restore Our Border (ROB) Security Plan for local, state and federal authorities that will work toward securing our border with Mexico and providing security for Arizona's citizens; and

Whereas, based on the fundamental premise that the Nation must protect its citizens from foreign threats, the plan outlines numerous specific actions that local, state and federal entities can implement in order to achieve border security; and

Whereas, among the steps are the immediate deployment of United States military units to the border; authorization of use of force by government officials in apprehending persons in the country illegally; enforcement of all existing immigration laws; the addition of at least 3,000 Border Patrol field agents in Arizona; provision of felony prosecution of detainees; full‑time surveillance by electronic, optical and other technology; establishment of citizens' advisory boards, in cooperation with rancher liaison groups, in every Border Patrol Station; streamlining of the federal claims process for recovering damages caused by illegal alien crime; and adequate funding of state and federal attorneys' offices to ensure timely prosecution of border-related offenses.


Be it resolved by the Senate of the State of Arizona, the House of Representatives concurring:

That the Legislature supports the Arizona Cattle Growers' Association's plan to secure the United States-Mexico border and to restore order and safety for residents and ranchers of Arizona's border region.