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2021 Interim Updates

Agency FY 2023 Budget Requests

        -  Summary of Operating Budget Requests (9/21/21) 
        -  Summary of Capital Improvement Plan Requests (9/21/21) 


COVID-19 Updates

Federal Coronavirus Response Funding (8/31/21) 
Allocations of American Rescue Plan Act Funds (9/16/21) 

Budget and Revenue Updates

Monthly Fiscal Highlights - September 2021 (9/20/21) 
FY 2022 Agency Reporting Requirements - FTE Positions/Relocation Reimbursements (9/15/21)
Allocation of Wildfire Special Session Funding (8/19/21)


Committee Meetings

Joint Legislative Budget Committee Meeting - July 15, 2021 (7/14/21) 
Joint Committee on Capital Review Meeting - July 15, 2021 (7/14/21) 

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