Updated:  September 2021

The Joint Legislative Budget Committee was established in 1966, pursuant to Laws 1966, Chapter 96. The primary powers and duties of the JLBC relate to ascertaining facts and making recommendations to the Legislature regarding all facets of the state budget, state revenues and expenditures, future fiscal needs, and the organization and functions of state government. This section provides information on JLBC membership, duties, staff responsibilities, and general information.

JLBC Background Information -- Basic information on JLBC membership and duties. (2/26/21)
           Committee Rules (04/27/21)

JCCR Background Information -- JCCR members and responsibilities. (2/26/21)

           Committee Rules (04/27/21)

Staff Responsibilities -- Lists JLBC Staff responsibilities by analyst and by agency.  (8/4/21)


1716 West Adams
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Phone:  (602) 926-5491


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