The Joint Committee on Capital Review (JCCR) was first established on April 11, 1986, pursuant to Laws 1986, Ch. 85. Thereafter, Laws 1989, Ch. 159 expanded the Committee membership.  The JCCR is a 14-member committee consisting of (A.R.S. § 41-1251) the following members:

Senator John Kavanagh

Representative David Livingston

Senator Sylvia Allen

Representative John M. Allen

Senator Olivia Cajero Bedford

Representative Lela Alston

Senator Karen Fann

Representative Mark Cardenas

Senator Steve Farley

Representative Heather Carter

Senator Katie Hobbs

Representative Vince Leach

Senator Kimberly Yee

Representative Rebecca Rios

The primary powers and duties of the Joint Committee on Capital Review relate to ascertaining facts and making recommendations to the Legislature regarding state expenditures for land, buildings and improvements.  This portion of the state budget is known as “capital outlay. ”

The JCCR is staffed by the JLBC Staff.  The objectives and major products of the staff of the JCCR are:

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