A.R.S. 19-123D requires the JLBC Staff to prepare a summary of 300 words or less of the fiscal impact of ballot measures for voter initiatives.  These summaries appear in the ballot proposition pamphlet sent to registered voters.  This requirement excludes legislatively-referred propositions.

Listed in the table below are links to the 300-word summaries for the potential voter-initiated propositions.  JLBC Staff has also prepared regular fiscal notes on these voter-initiated propositions.  Only the 300-word summaries appear in the voter pamphlet.  As with Regular Session fiscal notes on pending legislation, the purpose of the notes is to assist Legislators in evaluating the impact of pending ballot measures.

JLBC Staff's analysis of the fiscal impact of four legislatively-referred ballot measures can also be found below.

Fiscal Impact Analysis of Potential November 2012 Ballot Propositions

Proposition 121 - Open Elections/Open Government Act
        Publicity Pamphlet Summary 
        Fiscal Note 

Proposition 204 - Quality Education and Jobs Act
        Publicity Pamphlet Summary
        Fiscal Note

        Comparison of Fiscal Impact of 2 Differing Versions of Initiative

Fiscal Report - Legislatively Referred Propositions
        Proposition 116 personal property tax exemption amount
        Proposition 117 property tax assessed valuation; limitation
        Proposition 118 permanent state land fund; distribution
        Proposition 120 state sovereignty


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