Fiscal Policy Analysis for the Arizona Legislature

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Budget Updates
Updates since FY 2018.
Monthly Fiscal Highlights 
Monthly update on revenue collections and other fiscal issues.
Economic Analysis
Current revenue collection trends
and other forecasting topics.
Fiscal Notes
Fiscal impact of bills and ballot initiatives.
Meeting Agendas
JLBC, JCCR and Finance Advisory
Information on JLBC and JCCR membership and duties, JLBC Staff assignments, e-mail addresses, and employment opportunities.
Fiscal History
History of revenues and spending
and prior Appropriations Reports.
Legal Requirements
Status tracking report of JLBC statutory and legal requirements. 
Legislative Reports
Analysis and forecasts presented to the Arizona Legislature.

Budget Process
An overview of the steps involved in passing the state budget for Arizona.


Fiscal Links
Links to other sites of interest.

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Phone:  (602) 926-5491
Mailing Address:  1716 West Adams, Phoenix, AZ  85007

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