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Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2079Ccounties; precinct size; maximum
HB2080Chand count; electronic tabulation verification
HB2235Csupervisors; large counties; salaries
HB2236Cvoter registration; request required
HB2237Csame day voter registration; prohibition
HB2238Cballot drop boxes; prohibition
HB2239Celectronic ballot adjudication; prohibition
HB2240Celections; voting centers prohibited
HB2241Cearly ballot drop off; identification
HB2242Cvoter registrations; validation requirement
HB2243Cvoter registration; state residency; cancellation
HB2244Cauditor general; election systems; audits
HB2245Cin-person early voting; time period
HB2246Cextracurricular and interscholastic activities; eligibility
HB2247Cschools; learning materials; activities
HB2248Cfailure to return vehicle; repeal
HB2249Caggravated assault; biting; bodily fluid
HB2250Ccarfentanil; fentanyl; threshold amount; minors
HB2251Clasers; assault; peace officers; penalty
(NOW: lasers; peace officers; aircraft; penalty)
HB2315Cschools; materials; posting required
HB2316Cmisconduct involving weapons; public places
HB2449Ccare facilities; clergy visitation
HB2495Cschools; sexually explicit materials; prohibition
HB2496Cstudent activity fees; conscience exemption
HB2497Cincome tax; rates; reduction
HB2498CCOVID-19; vaccination requirements; prohibition
HB2590Cauthorized emergency vehicle; definition
HB2596Celections; revisions; mail-in; identification; tabulation
HB2597Cschools; pledge; quiet reflection
HB2615Cyouth music and art special plates
HB2616Cmask mandates; minors; parental consent
HB2617Cvoter registration; cancellations; causes
HB2629P*property tax liens; expiration dates
HB2649Cconcurrent jurisdiction; Yuma proving ground
HB2651Cappropriation; Cesar Chavez Boulevard.
HB2696Cmandatory sentences; children; trafficking; smuggling
HB2711P*vacation rentals; short-term rentals; restrictions
HB2743Celections; identification; revisions; mail-in; tabulation
HB2744Cearly ballot pick-up; mail return
HB2777Celections; auditor general; attorney general
HB2778Celectronic registration information center; prohibition
HB2780Cvoter lists; images; voting records
(NOW: voting; images; records; contests; audits)
HB2786Cvoter registrations; ballot requests; source
(NOW: voting; registration; drop boxes; prohibition)
HB2853CArizona empowerment scholarship accounts; appropriation
HB2854CK-12; school finance; weights
HCR2018Cjudges; merit selection; population
HCR2028Cminimum law enforcement expenditure amount
HCR2033Cdecertifying Arizona's 2020 electors
HCR2040COlivia Cajero Bedford; death resolution
SB1457Cvoting machines; hardware; software; access