House Member

Personal Information:
Home City: Avondale
Member Since: 2019

The son of a Vietnam veteran and copper miner, Lorenzo came up through the public school system in Tucson’s impoverished Sunnyside School District. He was the first in his family to make it to – and through – college, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Arizona State University. He began a career in corporate communications, creating award-winning marketing and community development projects that earned him a career in Fortune 100 and 500 industries.

His roots and experiences drive his passion for local and statewide community service and advocacy. His proven ability to innovate and collaborate, bringing meaningful improvements to individuals and communities, has earned him appointments to:

  • Maricopa Association of Governments – Economic Development Commission
  • Secretary, Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone’s Hispanic Advisory Board
  • City of Phoenix Business and Workforce Development Commission
  • Hispanic Leadership Forum del Oeste
  • Vice-Chair, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Chicanos por la Causa – Health and Human Services Committee
  • Xico (Latino-based arts organization)

Having experienced the American Dream firsthand, Lorenzo is determined to give back. Investing in education, creating good jobs and building strong neighborhoods are a cornerstone of his service, delivering on the promise of the American Dream for those he serves.

Lorenzo and his wife, Rhonda, are proud to call Arizona home. They are raising their family, including two very friendly dogs, in the heart of Avondale.

Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2073Cschool funding; inflation adjustment
HB2077Ccandidates; school; local; electronic signatures
HB2078Cinitiative; referendum; signatures; electronic submittal
HB2101Celectric energy; reliability; public policy
HB2308Cprotective hairstyles; discrimination prohibited
HB2335Cexpenditure limitation; school districts; repeal.
HB2404Cfirearm transfers; domestic violence; offenses
HB2437CArizona beekeepers special plates
HB2438Cmassage therapists; fingerprinting; website information
(NOW: massage therapists; fingerprinting)
HB2520Cprohibited agreements; public works contracts
HB2521Crailroad crew requirements
HB2527Csexual assault survivors; rights
HB2593P*schools; calculated opportunity index
HB2600Cappropriation; Loop 101 slip ramp
HB2606Cschool districts; housing facilities; teachers
HB2618Cpower plants; contractors; workforce requirements
HB2634Ctextbooks; representation; disabilities; sexual orientation.
HB2635Chealth care workers; assault; prevention
(NOW: breast implant surgery; informed consent)
HB2639CAsian American; Pacific Islander month
HB2651Cappropriation; Cesar Chavez Boulevard.
HB2667Cgrants; school counselors; social workers
HB2691Chealth care workforce; grant programs
HB2707Cpublic schools; moment of silence
HB2718Cminimum parking requirements; prohibition
HB2742P*water and energy; improvement district.
HB2754Cpermanent early voting list
HB2796Chealth professions; fingerprint clearance cards
HB2799Cschool districts; housing
HB2804Cdevelopment subsidies; recapture; rescission
HB2805Cextension; low-income housing tax credit
HB2806Cappropriation; housing trust fund
HB2816Cappropriation; basic state aid; increase
HB2817Cprofessional development personnel; teachers; appropriation
HB2818CCTE; articulated credit; statewide agreement
HCM2001Cprotection of motorsports act
HCM2003CIndian boarding schools; urging investigation.
HCR2012Cschool districts; expenditure limit; authorization.
HCR2030Cdeath resolution; Grant Woods
HCR2040COlivia Cajero Bedford; death resolution
HCR2042Cdeath resolution; Jimmie Muñoz, Sr.
HR2012CTheodore Castro; death resolution
HR2015P*Herschella Horton; death resolution
SB1192Cappropriation; Interstate 10; vehicle lanes
SB1656Cwater and energy; improvement district