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Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2045P*TPT; additional rate; online lodging
HB2046P*income tax; credits; subtractions
HB2047P*student loan services; licensure
HB2048P*student loan servicers; licensure
HB2089P*essential drugs; price increase; limits
HB2090P*wage disclosure; employee rights
HB2091P*employers; employee salary history; prohibitions
HB2092P*ballot measure amendments
HB2093P*medication abortion; telehealth; ultrasound
HB2094P*early ballot collection; limitations; repeal
HB2096P*appropriation; financial aid trust fund
HB2097P*repeal; imprisonment; abortion; advertising
HB2335Cexpenditure limitation; school districts; repeal.
HB2767P*family and medical leave; coverage
HB2768P*early voting; weekend hours
HB2769P*abortion regulation; benefits
HB2770P*voting centers; board of supervisors
HB2771P*election procedures; registrations; campaign finance
HCR2002P*death penalty; prohibition
HCR2012Cschool districts; expenditure limit; authorization.
HCR2035P*constitutional right to vote
SB1097Cprohibition; pesticides
SB1098CG&F; appointment recommendation board; repeal
SB1099Crent increases; emergency calls; restrictions
SB1100Clarge electronics; recycling
SB1101Cpolystyrene foam food packaging; prohibition
SB1102Chomeowners' associations; solar, water devices
SB1103Csingle use plastics; request; charge
SB1104Clocal planning; residential housing; prohibitions
SB1105Cenergy measuring; reporting; prohibition; repeal
SB1106Ccorporate income tax; minimum
SB1107Cincome tax; addition; net worth
SB1108Conline lodging; regulation; property classification
SB1109Ctoll roads; conversion; prohibition
SB1110Cresidential rentals; rent increase notice
SB1416Cemployees; school conferences; leave
SB1417Ccall center relocation; notice; penalty
SB1418Cemployers; compensation history; prohibitions
SB1419Ctelecommuting; alternative schedules; state employees
SB1420Crepeal; right to work
SB1421Cemployment; employee work scheduling
SB1422Cemployment practices; consumer reports; limitation
SB1423Cemployee rights; wage disclosure
SB1424Cmilitary and surveillance equipment; approval
SB1425Cinterstate compact; economic best practices
SB1426Cstate law; local violation; repeal
SB1427Cpublic facilities; environmental policies
SB1428Coffice of new Americans
SB1429Cenvironmental permitting; burdened communities; requirements
SB1430Chorizontal hydraulic fracturing; prohibition
SCR1034Cenvironment; constitutional amendment
SCR1035Cright to work; repeal
SM1002CGlass-Steagall Act; urging Congress