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Occupation: Legislator
Member Since: 2018

Representative Walt Blackman is the Republican who won the 2018 Midterm General Elections for State Representative for the sixth legislative district. With his election win, Walt is the first Black American Republican in the history of Arizona elected to the Arizona House of Representatives. Walt is a constitutionalist conservative who served in the United States Army for twenty-one years.

Walt is a dedicated and experienced senior leader, combat veteran, with two decades of operational and combat real-world leadership experience in the US military. Throughout Walt's military career, he has served his country with distinction and honor. Walt earned several military awards while serving his country, to include the Bronze Star Medal, for combat actions in Iraq, and the Meritorious Service Medal for 21 years of continues honorable active duty service.

After his retirement in 2016, Walt founded and is currently President and CEO of W.B Inclusion & Diversity Consulting Victim Advocacy Firm. W.B Inclusion is a sexual assault counseling service provider for victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment. Walt continues to serve his community by volunteering his time to educate young adults and students at local public and private schools on the prevention of sexual harassment and assault in his district and across the state.

Additionally, Walt assists his fellow veterans by volunteering at local food banks; veteran stands down days and veteran small business success seminars. His keen awareness of veteran's issues has given him an inside track of what right looks like when serving Arizona’s veterans.

Walt is a fervent advocate of the 2nd Amendment, health care issues, education funding and a commonsense approach to state governing. As an Arizona State Representative Walt wants to return school choice to parents in our schools and is for teacher pay raises, bonuses, and performance-based incentives. Walt believes in rural development programs that generate jobs, supports ranchers, creates revenue and produces new small business opportunities.

Walt is endorsed by the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Fire Fighters Association, the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police, the Phoenix Police Association, The National Rifle Association, the Arizona Right to life Association, The Payson Tea Party, the Navaho Country Republican club and the National American Africa Republican Committee of Phoenix, Walt is recognized in the 18 for 2018 National State-wide races to watch for in the 2018 midterm general elections for up and coming political stars.

He currently serves on and is Vice-Chairmen for the State and International Affairs Committee, Vice-Chair Judiciary and is a current member serving on the Government Relations, and regulatory committees. Additionally, Walt was selected as Statemen’s of the year by the National American Africa Republican Committee, Walt is a graduate of Almeda University, and received advanced certification in Program Management from Georgetown University.

Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2097CACJC; victim compensation fund; allocation
HB2098Cmissing children; mandatory reporting
(NOW: missing children; law enforcement; reporting)
HB2099Cmissing and murdered indigenous peoples
HB2100Cmissing; unidentified person; reporting requirements
HB2110Ccivil penalties; traffic; mitigation; restitution
(NOW: civil penalties; mitigation; restitution)
HB2111C2nd amendment; unenforceable federal laws
HB2115Cmotorcycle safety fund; continuation
HB2116Chuman trafficking; civil action; liability
HB2117Cteachers academy; service requirement
HB2121Cschools; superintendents; severance packages; prohibition
HB2127Cappropriation; state parks; heritage fund
HB2128Cstate licensing; fee waiver
HB2130P*intensive probation; requirements; modification
HB2159Cschool bus drivers; license requirements
HB2161Ctourism marketing authorities.
HB2162P*undesignated offenses; misdemeanor status; exceptions
HB2163P*prisoners; discharge; transition program
HB2164P*coordinated reentry planning services programs
HB2165P*prisoners; eligibility
HB2166P*criminal justice commission; data collection
HB2167P*independent corrections ombudsman; oversight committee
HB2168P*use of force; reports; analysis
HB2170P*writs of garnishment; attorney fees
HB2171P*marijuana violations; court jurisdiction; procedures
HB2183P*public service scholarship fund
HB2184P*sex education; parental consent; schools
HB2190Ccriminal justice case information; reporting
(NOW: COVID-19 vaccine; disclosure)
HB2241Cschools; instruction; Holocaust; genocides
HB2260P*Arizona criminal justice commission; membership.
HB2261P*prisoners; health; training; visitation; rules
HB2293Cvehicle impoundment; exceptions; storage charges
HB2301P*CTEDs; letter grades; exclusion
HB2302P*election lawsuits; settlements; approvals
HB2309Cviolent; disorderly assembly; public order
HB2310Cmunicipalities; counties; law enforcement budgets
(NOW: executive orders; review; attorney general)
HB2318Csentencing; repetitive offenders
HB2319Clicense denial; prohibition; drug convictions
HB2320Csealing arrest; liability; sentencing records
(NOW: sentencing records; sealing arrest; liability)
HB2370Cpermanent early voting list; repeal
HB2380P*Mormon Migration Monument; governmental mall
HB2381P*PSPRS; CORP; local boards; consolidation
HB2382P*mobile home parks; caregivers.
HB2383P*technical correction; double punishment
(NOW: organized retail theft task force)
HB2384P*membership; AZPOST
HB2385P*juveniles; monetary sanctions; repeal
HB2421Cschools; distance learning courses; funding
HB2442Ccounty treasurers; reports; posting; website
HB2470Cbuffalo soldiers memorial; extension
HB2471Cstate agencies; veterans status; inquiry
HB2472Cspecial license plates; veterans; design
HB2473Cveterans; special license plates; design
HB2474Cpost-traumatic stress injury day
HB2485Cviolent or disorderly assembly; penalties
(NOW: urban air mobility study committee)
HB2502Celectronic communications; personal information; harassment
HB2542Cveteran suicides; annual report
HB2557Cschools; drug violations; reporting options.
HB2558Csentencing; historical prior felony convictions
HB2569Celections; private funding; prohibition
HB2570Clicenses; pandemics; revocation prohibition
HB2599P*jail; home confinement electronic monitoring
HB2600P*sexual assault survivors; rights
HB2601P*sentencing; credit; electronic monitoring
HB2602P*tobacco; retail; licensing
HB2603P*pretrial diversion program; requirements; appropriation
HB2604P*retirement systems; boards; paid leave
HB2607P*county recreation improvement districts
HB2614Cremediated water; groundwater; use.
HB2615Cepinephrine injections; first responders immunity
HB2620Chealth care workers; assault; prevention
HB2648Creligious services; essential services
HB2650P*abortion prohibition; licensure repealed
HB2693P*ranked choice voting; municipalities
HB2694P*VLT and registration fee exemptions
HB2704Cschools; instruction; Native American experience
HB2705Cschools; dress codes; graduation ceremonies
HB2706Cappropriation; veterans' services; benefits counselors
HB2707Cprobation failure reduction incentive payments
HB2708Cvoting rights; felonies; automatic restoration..
HB2713P*release credits; prisoners
HB2727Cstudent employees; classification; minimum wage
HB2737Ccorporation commission actions; investigation
HB2752Csexual harassment; nondisclosure agreements; prohibition
HB2777Ccorrectional health services; prohibited contracts
HB2787Coccupational regulation; good character; definition
HB2792Cearly ballots; request required
HB2793Cvoter registration; request required
HB2794Celection deadlines; modifications prohibited
HB2798Cearly voting procedures; signature cards
HB2799Cvoter registration rolls; electioneering
HB2800Celections; legislative session; procedures manual
HB2801Crural counties; transient lodging tax
HB2808Cappropriation; rural broadband grants
HB2809Cmarijuana; advertising; labeling; signage; sale
HB2811Csame day registration; prohibition
HB2812Cpatient consent; specimen disposal; use
HB2827Cbusinesses; firearms; unlawful acts
HB2838Cincome tax; partnerships; S corporations
HB2840Cmisconduct involving weapons; school grounds
HB2877P*abortion; state personnel; resources; prohibition
HB2878P*abortion; criminal classifications
HB2880P*separate legal entities; joint powers
HB2881P*election hand counts; verification committee
HB2889Csexual offenses; children; sentencing
(NOW: sentencing; sexual offenses; children)
HB2905Cearly ballots; request required
HB2906Cgovernance; audits; training
HCM2004Cfloodwater harvesting; study; urging Congress
HCR2002Csupreme court; maintain nine members
HCR2013Cpublic health; executive orders; reauthorization
HCR2020Clieutenant governor; joint candidacy
HCR2021Celectoral college; supporting
HCR2022CFisher house; service members; supporting
HCR2023Celections; state authority; infringement; opposition
HCR2028Cabortion data; survivors act; supporting.
HCR2032Cgovernment orders; protection; withdrawal; prohibition
HCR2035P*Washington, D.C.; statehood; opposition
HM2001Cmilitary sexual assault; service members
HR2001P*support reentry; second chances
HR2002P*Semele massacre; Assyrian martyrs day
HR2013CSue Ellen Allen; death resolution
HR2017CTommie Rae Martin; death resolution
HR2169P*support reentry; second chances
SB1514Cappropriation; emergency shelter beds; seniors
(NOW: emergency shelter beds; seniors)
SCR1003Cexecutive orders; emergencies; reauthorization; termination