House Member

Personal Information:
Home City: Scottsdale
Occupation: Small business owner
Member Since: 2017

Kelli Butler is an Arizona native with deep roots in the community. She grew up in Scottsdale, within the current boundaries of District 28, and attended Cocopah Elementary School and Chaparral High School. She studied elementary education at the University of Arizona, before moving to San Francisco where she worked in both real estate and healthcare management while helping to support her husband, Ben, through dental school.

After returning to Arizona, Kelli gained knowledge in health regulations and insurance in her role managing Butler Family Dental in Glendale, AZ. As small business owners, Kelli and her husband experienced Arizona's economic downturn from a small business owner's perspective as they dealt with the impact on the lives of their patients, their employees and their own family. Now, as the state's economy continues to improve, they still donate dental services to Glendale's Neighborhood Christian Clinic and volunteer with Arizona's Mission of Mercy Dental Clinic.

Although Kelli's work experience is mainly in the healthcare industry, much of her volunteer and community experience focuses on education and children. She became interested in education policy and funding as the parent of two boys attending Madison Elementary District schools. She served first as a volunteer in their classrooms, and later on committees and boards at the school and district levels. After her sons graduated from Brophy College Prep, they enrolled at state universities. Colin graduated from the UofA before enlisting in the Navy and Cameron graduated from NAU and now attends dental school in California. During their years in North Central Phoenix, Kelli served on the parent organization Executive Boards at Cross Roads Preschool and Madison Simis and as PTM President at Madison Meadows. She was a Site-Based Management Team member and an Executive Board member of the Madison Education Foundation. She served on numerous committees at Brophy College Preparatory. She was a Board member of Northern Arizona University's Parent Leadership Council. Along with her sons, Kelli was also a member of Boys Team Charity's Cactus League. She was the Philanthropy Liaison to the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center. She served as HOA President of North Central's Palmer Estates neighborhood.

Most importantly, Kelli has a strong awareness and bestowed interest in Arizona; she continues to be an advocate for education and healthcare. She knows she can make a difference and believes strongly in protecting all people's rights in our great Grand Canyon state.

Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2097CACJC; victim compensation fund; allocation
HB2098Cmissing children; mandatory reporting
(NOW: missing children; law enforcement; reporting)
HB2099Cmissing and murdered indigenous peoples
HB2100Cmissing; unidentified person; reporting requirements
HB2101CAHCCCS; postpartum care; appropriations
HB2102CAHCCCS; pregnant women; dental care
HB2103Cnursing shortage; workforce preparation; plan
HB2104CDIFI; director; report; surprise billing
HB2105Cschool health program; appropriation
HB2106Cinformed consent; pelvic examinations.
HB2107CDCS; investigation; schools; children; disabilities
HB2137Cliteracy; dyslexia screening; appropriations
HB2193Crailroads; annual safety inspections
HB2194Cmisclassification; tax fraud; task force
HB2244Chousing trust fund; unclaimed property
HB2251Csex education; comprehensive; medically accurate
HB2252CTANF; cash assistance amount
HB2253CTANF; lifetime limit; sanctions
HB2254Cend-of-life decisions; terminally ill patients
HB2258Cdental board; licenses; certificates; renewals.
HB2264Cstate employees; paid family leave
HB2269P*insurance; preexisting conditions; essential benefits
HB2270P*medical services; purchase; study committee
HB2271P*AHCCCS; pregnant women; eligibility
HB2272P*consumer credit; military; federal law
HB2273P*eligibility; children's health insurance program
HB2274P*medicare supplement; disability; renal disease
HB2275P*AHCCCS; dental care; pregnant women
HB2276P*licensure; transvaginal ultrasounds
HB2277P*insurance; study; reinsurance programs; appropriation
HB2281Cschools; charter management organizations; contracts
HB2282Csmall business assistance grants
(NOW: instruction; Holocaust; antisemitism)
HB2283Cadministrative costs; limit; STOs.
HB2284Cappropriation; youth entrepreneurship; pilot program
HB2285Conline home sharing; repeal
HB2286Cwater efficient plumbing fixtures.
HB2287Cappropriation; electric school buses
HB2291CAHCCCS; pregnant women; dental care.
HB2340Cstudent loan servicers; licensure
HB2342Crecalls; city elections; signatures required
HB2344Cearly voting; weekend hours
HB2416Cchild care assistance; tiered reimbursement.
HB2417Cgifted pupils; appropriation
HB2418Cgroup B weight; gifted pupils
HB2419Cschool funding; inflation adjustment
HB2470Cbuffalo soldiers memorial; extension
HB2471Cstate agencies; veterans status; inquiry
HB2474Cpost-traumatic stress injury day
HB2481Cshort-term rentals; enforcement; penalties
HB2484Canimal fighting paraphernalia; offense
HB2496Cclimate change; state plan
HB2497Cappropriations; child care subsidy
HB2498Cbattery storage technology; grants; appropriation
(NOW: clean energy technology; grants; appropriation)
HB2499Csmall business grants; appropriation
HB2500Cyouth entrepreneurship; pilot program; appropriation
HB2509P*AHCCCS; DES; program data
HB2510P*physical body adornment; establishments; certification
HB2511P*auto title loans; title; interest
HB2512P*medical services; purchase; premiums
HB2513P*oversight committee; residential care; children
HB2514P*smoking regulation; electronic smoking devices
HB2515P*electronic smoking devices; tobacco sales
HB2528Cdistributed generation; public power entities
HB2557Cschools; drug violations; reporting options.
HB2558Csentencing; historical prior felony convictions
HB2563CAHCCCS; redetermination; documentation
HB2565Carea agencies on aging; appropriation
HB2571Cchild care assistance; tiered reimbursement
HB2572Cstate law; local violations; repeal
HB2574Cappropriation; healthy families program
HB2609Crepeal; imprisonment; abortion; solicitation
HB2675Cappropriations; medical workforce development
HB2676Cappropriation; community health grants
HB2706Cappropriation; veterans' services; benefits counselors
HB2729Cspecial education; group B weights
HB2730Cpublic schools; 2020-2021; 2021-2022; funding.
HB2731Cappropriations; gifted education programs
HB2732Cteachers academy; mental health professionals
HB2733Cschools; group B weight; eligibility
HB2734Ccandidates; school, local; electronic signatures
HB2735Cinitiative; referendum; signatures; electronic submittal
HB2736Cpresidential preference election; independent voters.
HB2746Cworkers' rights; public health emergency
HB2747Cbroadband; fiber optic services; committee
HB2748Crailroads; train length; prohibition
HB2750Cautomatic voter registration; same day.
HB2762Cstatewide assessment; 2020-2021 school year
HB2769Ctransportation funding task force
HB2785CAHCCCS; diabetes management
HB2787Coccupational regulation; good character; definition
HB2788P*paid sick leave; COVID-19
HB2789P*schools; immunizations; registered nurses; posting
HB2805Cunemployment insurance; benefits; tax base
HB2815P*genetic counselors; licensure.
HB2824Cadult education; grant program; appropriations
HB2842Chealth care workers; employment rights
HB2854Cfireworks; permissible sale days; use
HB2857Cemployee protections; public health-related pandemic
HB2859P*insurers; examinations; direct costs; repeal
HB2860P*appropriation; financial surveillance fund
HB2867Cemployers; COVID-19 exposure; notification
HB2890Cprescription drugs; upper payment limit..
HCM2002Cpostal service, urging independence; prefunding
HCR2010Cratification; equal rights amendment.
HCR2011Cshort-term rentals; vacation rentals
HCR2022CFisher house; service members; supporting
HCR2041CBarbara Lubin; death resolution
HM2001Cmilitary sexual assault; service members
HR2006CMark Finchem; expulsion
HR2007CCOVID-19 memorial day
HR2013CSue Ellen Allen; death resolution
SB1188Cresults-based funding; repeal; special education
SB1189Cspecial education; group B weights.
SB1190Cprice gouging; abnormal market disruptions
SB1395C2021 summer school; ADE; appropriation
SB1514Cappropriation; emergency shelter beds; seniors
(NOW: emergency shelter beds; seniors)
SB1551Cdriver license suspensions; restrictions
SB1740Cauditor general; charter schools; appropriation