House Member

Personal Information:
Home City: Laveen
Occupation: Managing Director, Education Non-Profit
Member Since: 2015

Reginald Bolding was elected to serve a fourth term in the Arizona House of Representatives. Upon his election, Bolding was elected by his peers to serve as the Democratic Leader of the caucus. While serving in office, Bolding has established himself as one of the most respected leaders in the chamber working on legislation focused on education, economic development, criminal justice, voter justice, veterans and civil rights.

Representative Bolding has been recognized as the Public Elected Official of the Year by several organizations including the AFL-CIO, the National Association of Social Workers, the Arizona Community Action Association, along with several other awards including being named to the Phoenix Business Journal's 40 under 40.

In addition to serving in the state legislature he is the Founder and Co-Executive Director at Arizona Coalition for Change and Our Voice Our Vote Arizona. Bolding started in electoral justice work in an unconventional way. Upon graduating from college, Reginald turned down a full-ride law school scholarship to become an English and Math teacher in South Phoenix. As a first-generation college student himself he wanted to help provide greater access and opportunities for students growing up in poverty. While teaching he saw an education system which systematically disadvantaged students of color and those living in low-income communities. That drove him to run for office and start this power building organizations.

Nationally, Bolding serves as the Chair of Business and Economic Development for the National Black Caucus of State Legislators. In the community, Bolding sits on the Board of Directors for the Children's Museum of Phoenix and Leading for Change. Representative Bolding lives in Laveen with his wife Cymone and their daughters Faith and Grace.

Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberSponsor TypeShort/NOW Title
HB2097CACJC; victim compensation fund; allocation
HB2098Cmissing children; mandatory reporting
(NOW: missing children; law enforcement; reporting)
HB2099Cmissing and murdered indigenous peoples
HB2100Cmissing; unidentified person; reporting requirements
HB2101CAHCCCS; postpartum care; appropriations
HB2102CAHCCCS; pregnant women; dental care
HB2103Cnursing shortage; workforce preparation; plan
HB2104CDIFI; director; report; surprise billing
HB2105Cschool health program; appropriation
HB2106Cinformed consent; pelvic examinations.
HB2107CDCS; investigation; schools; children; disabilities
HB2241Cschools; instruction; Holocaust; genocides
HB2281Cschools; charter management organizations; contracts
HB2282Csmall business assistance grants
(NOW: instruction; Holocaust; antisemitism)
HB2283Cadministrative costs; limit; STOs.
HB2284Cappropriation; youth entrepreneurship; pilot program
HB2285Conline home sharing; repeal
HB2286Cwater efficient plumbing fixtures.
HB2287Cappropriation; electric school buses
HB2337Cwage disclosure; employee rights
HB2338Cemployers; employee salary history; prohibitions
HB2340Cstudent loan servicers; licensure
HB2341Cincome tax; credits; subtractions
HB2343Cvoting centers; board of supervisors
HB2344Cearly voting; weekend hours
HB2345Cearly ballot collection; limitations; repeal.
HB2347Cearned income; tax credit
HB2349CTPT; diapers; feminine hygiene; exemption
HB2385Cjuveniles; monetary sanctions; repeal
HB2470Cbuffalo soldiers memorial; extension
HB2471Cstate agencies; veterans status; inquiry
HB2472Cspecial license plates; veterans; design
HB2473Cveterans; special license plates; design
HB2474Cpost-traumatic stress injury day
HB2557Cschools; drug violations; reporting options.
HB2586P*peace officers; cameras; recordings; disclosures.
HB2587P*motor vehicle title loans; prohibition.
HB2588P*driver licenses; foster youth
HB2589P*rear-facing car seats
HB2590P*day of racial healing; observed
HB2591P*peace officers; liability; unlawful act
HB2613Cballot measure amendments
HB2646Cfirearm transfers; domestic violence offenses.
HB2647Cschools; sex education instruction.
HB2660Cunemployment insurance; performance audit
HB2662Cunemployment insurance; dependent allowance
HB2663Cunemployment insurance; dangerous conditions
HB2706Cappropriation; veterans' services; benefits counselors
HB2713Crelease credits; prisoners
HB2729Cspecial education; group B weights
HB2730Cpublic schools; 2020-2021; 2021-2022; funding.
HB2731Cappropriations; gifted education programs
HB2732Cteachers academy; mental health professionals
HB2733Cschools; group B weight; eligibility
HB2734Ccandidates; school, local; electronic signatures
HB2735Cinitiative; referendum; signatures; electronic submittal
HB2750Cautomatic voter registration; same day.
HB2751Csearch warrants; audible notice; requirements.
HB2752Csexual harassment; nondisclosure agreements; prohibition
HB2762Cstatewide assessment; 2020-2021 school year
HB2765P*law enforcement; deadly force; investigations
HB2766P*driver license fees; homeless exemption
HB2767P*peace officers; duty to intervene
HB2768P*peace officer database; disciplinary actions
HB2775Cprisoners; earned release; credits
HB2776Cexecutive clemency board; medical parole.
HB2777Ccorrectional health services; prohibited contracts
HB2787Coccupational regulation; good character; definition
HB2788Cpaid sick leave; COVID-19
HB2805Cunemployment insurance; benefits; tax base
HB2835Ctheme park districts; extension
HB2842Chealth care workers; employment rights
HB2843Cchemical agents; prohibited uses; police
HB2847Cnursing homes; advisory council
HB2848Cminimum staff ratios; nursing homes
HB2849Csexual assault survivors; rights.
HB2857Cemployee protections; public health-related pandemic
HB2858Cfamily and medical leave; paid.
HB2867Cemployers; COVID-19 exposure; notification
HB2868Cabortion; religious employers; contraception; repeal
HB2885P*appropriations; healthy communities program
HB2890Cprescription drugs; upper payment limit..
HCR2020Clieutenant governor; joint candidacy
HCR2022CFisher house; service members; supporting
HCR2041CBarbara Lubin; death resolution
HM2001Cmilitary sexual assault; service members
HR2006CMark Finchem; expulsion
HR2007CCOVID-19 memorial day
HR2009CAlbert Hale; death resolution
HR2013CSue Ellen Allen; death resolution
SB1514Cappropriation; emergency shelter beds; seniors
(NOW: emergency shelter beds; seniors)
SB1551Cdriver license suspensions; restrictions